Recent Events – August 2018

E1C53B4C-C7A4-4CE5-99C0-C728274056A7As a family, I feel we have had a busy couple of weeks full of lots of adventures so I thought I would share what we’ve been up to with you.  

I’ve had a few walks around valley gardens with friends recently.  Some tame, some not so much!  The first time I had both boys with me and I didn’t know there was a paddling pool there.  Thankfully I did take a change of clothing, but I must remember to always pack a towel from now on!  The second time was just me and Hamish, so it was a much more chilled day out, thankfully! 

We’ve visited newby hall with my mum in August too!  What an amazing place to explore.  There’s lots of different small gardens to run around.  Together with lots of play areas for young children and a mini train which Tobias loved!  We spent the whole day there enjoying ourselves, Tobias even got soaking wet there (no towel again) In the sprinkler section!  We’ve also had a trip to Knaresborough with my mum. We visited Mother Shiptons Cave and Wishing Well.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the place! But having lived in the area all my life I’m glad I can say I’ve finally visited the place.  

It’s been a while since I visited the Kettlewell scarecrows and they didn’t disappoint.  The whole village gets involved and I loved that there was a walk around!  Next year we’re going to do both the adult and the child’s trail (the kids one was a little easy for us)!  We ended the trip in a local pub having lunch where Tobias excelled himself.  He sat in a big boy chair the whole time and left no mess!  

We’ve visited the Wild West at Grass Roots near Ripon and what a treasure trove that was to find!  I’d seen it recommended on another bloggers site and had advised my friend to go, who came back raving about the place.  So we all arranged a day out there too and I’m really glad we did!  Unfortunately Tobias wasn’t his best that day (I’m putting it down to teething) and by the end of it I was definitely ready for him to have a nap.  

Talking about meeting up with my mummy friends (they’re a blessing in disguise are those ladies)!  We’ve been a few times to Goose in Harrogate, which is a cafe with soft play areas around the room.  Of course Tobias always wants to play in the big children’s section which isn’t helpful!  He did prove himself to be a good lad though, as he sat and ate his tea nice and politely, sometimes he makes me very proud.  

Over the bank holiday we didn’t do much as Gavin was away most of it at a stag do and then recovering the following day.  It was the first time I had been left with both boys and had to do the full bedtime routine on my own.  Luckily my mother was available and came and sat with me whilst I did all the running around (she’s a good mum)!  She also brought fish and chips for tea so that was one less thing for me to do.  On the Monday, once Gavin got back on his feet, we went swimming at the local pool.  I was so proud of both my boys.  Tobias wasn’t afraid in the slightest, if anything he wanted to be off by himself but he was using all the skills I have taught him – to expel the water, kick those legs and splash as much as possible.  Hamish was a superstar too he managed 3/4 hour in the pool and didn’t seem phased at all, just watching everyone and taking it in his stride.  

Me and the boys went to the studfold adventure park near Lofthouse, which again I didn’t know was there but what a lovely gem.  I wouldn’t say it’s pushchair friendly and it’s a big walk for little legs but the trail breaks up the walk and doesn’t feel like a workout (there’s a huge hill at the start).  We’d gone with a very good friend of my’n who has two girls so we did the fairy trail too which was lovely to see them all getting into and enjoying dressing up!  Tobias certainly slept that night! 

The next weekend we went to a baptism in Silsden.  We spent the Saturday running around getting outfits for the event and when the Sunday came it was a lovely day and the weather stayed fine, thankfully.  Why is it that I always forget to ask someone to take a group picture of us all.  This was the same weekend that we visited the maize maze at Birchfield.  We all got completely lost as Gavin and Tobias went one way and Hamish and I went the other.  I could hear them but couldn’t see them anywhere.  Eventually I came out of one side of the maze and walked around the outskirts! 

I also wanted to touch on one of the classes we’ve started – Boogie Babies in Harrogate is a dance/singing class which engages toddlers whilst teaching them rhymes, numbers etc.  I loved this class and the lady who runs it is so friendly and helpful.  Hamish was in the sling and slept through the whole of it!  Tobias had a slip and ended up bleeding from his mouth so I had to rush out to clean him up, but that’s just standard mummy problems at the moment (he’s a climber).  He did have a shining moment though.  Sharing a toy with another upset boy, which melted my heart.  

Our third Wedding Anniversary was on the 05 September 2018 and now that we have both children we decided to do something together as a family.  We hired some bikes for the day and went from Ripley to Bilton and back on the Greenways tracks.  Gavin and I had agreed not to go crazy this year, so we didn’t buy each other cards or gifts. As always that night we watched the video of our wedding day. We also went through our wedding book where people had signed or left messages to us. Traditionally, the third year gift should have some reference to leather, so does that mean I can buy Gavin a cow and get away with it? 

Much love

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