Two Month Update

img_2060Another month in our new, normal life! It’s quite upsetting how fast the weeks are passing but its great to watch Hamish transform from a newborn into a sturdy baby. We are starting to establish a routine (as much as is possible) especially for bedtime and through the night, which is great as I thrive on routine. This month has been more of the same, catching up with friends and running errands. We’ve booked onto two classes starting in September so this should be good for Hamish’s development. I’m also looking for new classes to take Tobias to.

Hamish has certainly mastered new milestones and keeps improving every day. He is able to lift his head for longer periods of time and seems to be more sturdy when holding his head up (not so wobbly anymore). He even tries to do mini push ups when doing tummy time, he doesn’t overly love his tummy time sessions so they are kept short, usually about 5-10 minutes at a time, four times a day. He now follows objects and voices with his head and eyes, he definitely recognises my voice. He is easier to console when upset and is able to fall asleep by himself. He giggles and coos on a regular basis, which melts my heart to hear. He is a big grumbler though and likes nothing more than a good moan! But on the flip side he is smiling responsively at people now so must be enjoying some parts of his day.

img_5271Week Five: This week we went on a few different excursions. Hamish and I visited valley gardens, we went to the goose with Tobias and spent the day at Hesketh Farm as a whole family. We had our first trip to the local church as a family of four and met the vicar. Hamish was weighed this week, weighing 9lbs 13oz. Hamish still had baby acne at this point and seems to be dealing with a lot of wind (still a current problem), but he loves the bicycle legs and always smiles when the wind comes up!

1368C475-63C2-48BD-A465-F8B765FB4498Week Six: This week was a little quieter. Hamish and I went for a trip to my work in Halifax, where Hamish had his first experience in a swimming pool – I think he may like swimming! On the Thursday we went to buy some plants for Tobias to start his own little garden. We went to see my grandmother where Hamish met his Great Aunty Anji from Australia and her partner, Tony. We had our first food shopping experience at Lidl (just me and Hamish in the carrier), but I wasn’t overly impressed. I think Hamish had a growth spurt this weekend, as all he did was sleep. Finally on the Sunday we went to Kettlewell to see the scarecrows which were incredible!

Week Seven: we did lots of activities this week and visiting different places! We went to Newby Hall with my mother, where Tobias got soaking wet in the sprinklers. We went to the GP for Hamish and I’s, six week check up. We went to the hospital, where Gavin had a camera down his nose. We also visited the Wild West at Grass Roots, where Tobias dressed as a cowboy (Hamish seems to sleep through all these events though)! Finally, we went to a second birthday party BBQ at a friends house, which was good fun, they served lots and lots of food!

DEBFF526-D08A-484B-8C05-F095BCB320F0Week Eight: We met with the health visitor again this week and Hamish now weighs a whopping 11lbs 14oz! We have also met up with my mummy friends at a local soft play for an early tea which was nice to catch up with them. We went for a walk around Knaresborough and my mother looked after Hamish whilst I had a treatment on my ears. On the Saturday Gavin went to a stag do so it was just the three of us for the day, my mother came round and brought fish and chips for us to enjoy. It was soon morning and Gavin reappeared looking very sorry for himself! On the bank holiday weekend we didn’t do much as Gavin was recovering but we did go swimming on the Monday which was epic, Hamish managed 3/4 of an hour in the pool!

Much love

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