Review of MAM Products*

Recently I was kindly sent a few items to review from MAM.  Having used a lot of their products with Tobias, you can only imagine how happy I was to receive this parcel through the post.   All MAM products (I feel) have been thought about with parenting at the forefront, together with thinking about time saving concepts.  Please see my thoughts below on each of the items I was sent:

657DCAE2-E4D6-4493-9D94-00388794A246MAM Self Sterilising Bottles
The MAM bottles are made of temperature resistant plastic which means they can safely be warmed in the microwave, sterilised at high temperatures and cleaned in the dishwasher. It also means it cools down quite quickly too.  They have an ergonomic shape meaning they are very easy to hold. The parts are easy to clean, easy to fill and all the parts are interchangeable. The caps also work as a measuring cup.  Finally, the patented silk teat is symmetric and fits perfectly into your baby’s mouth.

These MAM bottles are also self-sterilising. This makes them the greatest invention ever.

If you are short of space and time or don’t own a steriliser, you don’t need to with these bottles.  You just fill the base with water, put the teat on the base, the bottle over the top of that and then the cap and put it in the microwave for three minutes.

The bottles come in many different designs and colours meaning you can go neutral or gender specific.  They also come in different sizes depending on how much milk you want to use.  I have found the plastic bottles can stain easily however, especially if used in the microwave.  I would like to point out they normally are supplied with a size 2 teat.  Hamish prefers a slow flow so I purchased some size 1 teats.

MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottles

MAM Soothers
Just to start off this part I want to explain that I aren’t a fan of dummies but do feel there is a need for then in a babies first couple of months.  I’ve read a lot a out how it can aid the prevention of SIDs so see a great benefit to them at this age, I stopped Tobias using his dummy at six months old and plan to do the same this time.  Hamish uses them to settle when going to sleep.  The soothers have been endorsed by Orthodontists and Dentists to promote healthy teeth, gums and jaw.

The MAM Soother is suitable from 0 months and onwards, has a silk teat, is BPA-free and glows in the dark.  All useful features! Glow in the dark is useful for nighttime use. I love the unisex green but there are lots of designs to choose from.

Overall,I have been happy with these dummies and hamish does accept them too.  They are purchased two at a time in a sterilising box, helping again with time.

MAM Start Baby Soothers with Self Sterilising Travel Case


9B99609D-4BA9-40EC-B82A-218700F08B53MAM Electric and Manual Breast Pump
So I am basing my review of the breast pump against the Medela double pump that I had with Tobias.  I haven’t tried this as a manual pump as it’s far too much physical activity for me! 

The MAM Manual Breast Pump is comfortable to use and easy to understand. On average I manage to get 3-5oz of milk in just a few minutes. That has rarely happened to me and with the Medela had many failed attempts.  The suction is is strong on the highest se toon and I usually only use it at half the capacity.  The pump comes with two anti-colic bottles, two slow flow teats and two sealing disks.  The pump is very quiet and my husband hasnt noticed when I do pump!  The pump has only got 4 parts which makes it really easy to put together.  Simply click the funnel to the body, then click the pump handle into place, attach the valve and then screw the bottle onto the pump.  The instructions are easy to follow, in depth, have clear illustrations and even has some handy tips for using the pump. 

Cleaning the MAM Manual Breast Pump is very easy, you can take the pump apart in seconds, give it a quick wash in hot soapy water and then put it all in your electric, microwave or cold water steriliser. 

MAM Electric 2 in 1 Single Breast Pump – Electric or Manual Breast Pump

We love MAM products in our house and will continue to use them in the future, so 8 would highly recommend to everyone and anyone who asks! 

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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