Three Month Update

Another month has passed and I can’t remember life without Hamish around, it’s like it’s always been the three of us out and about (and daddy tags along every so often).  I sure hope Tobias feels the same way! This month we have just been maintaining the classes and watching both the boys grow and grow.

Hamish has mastered new milestones this month and has developed a strong neck, he doesn’t like to lie down flat anymore and would rather sit and watch the world go by.  He has started to blow bubbles and is constantly sucking on his hand, which is very confusing as I don’t think he’s hungry.  I think his gums are getting ready for his first teeth to come through.  He’s constantly moving him limbs (be it in an awkward, staccato like movement). He knows who I am and seems to now know when Gavin is around and gives him smiles too, which is nice.  Finally, he has started reaching out for objects and holding things, which is a huge step forward.

705E40F6-F578-4DD8-ABF6-0AA8561BE000Week nine – Hamish has finally got big enough to start wearing big boy clothes instead of jump suits all the time, his first outfit was a long sleeved vest with cows all over it teamed with cloth dungarees. I feel this is teaching him about the difference of day and night.  On the Tuesday we went to studfold for a fairy adventure, Hamish slept the whole time as per usual.  He also had his first set of jabs on the Wednesday and that night he didn’t sleep, thankfully by the Friday he was starting to feel more like himself again.  We also went to a baptism over this weekend which was lovely and we went around Birchfield Maize Maze.

21B36977-C26F-46A7-9576-63108F738B53Week ten – Hamish’s baby acne has gone but the cradle cap has arrived.  I managed to express some milk for Hamish to try from a bottle.  He loved it and took to drinking from a bottle, like a duck to water.  As always we had a busy week of ventures.  We went dancing at boogie babes, walking around mother shiptons cave, watched a routine vet visit on the farm and even went riding bikes on the Ripley to Bilton bicycle path.  Hamish also started his very own class this week, rhythm time, which is a sensory musical class with other babies!

79BBF752-611A-46E5-B0F7-F967E9992097Week eleven – This week was mainly quiet apart from a visit to the hospital for Gavin.  We went to get weighed again on the Wednesday and found That Hamish now weighed 13lbs 6oz!  Ive been to the GP for a hearing test and we also took Tobias to a toddlersense class ( this was horrendous).  The big event of the week was Gavin’s best friends wedding,  where Gavin was best man.

Week twelve – this week it was time for Hamish’s booster jabs, he didn’t scream as much this time but there was definitely tears again. 

Although Hamish is an awesome sleeper I want to establish a full bed time routine with him, trying to help him wind down ready to put himself to sleep, instead of the current situation of me staying with him for half an hour.  Therefore this is what I will be working on next month.  I’ve had a look back and this was Tobias’ routine so I will work towards something like this:

  • 5pm – feed
  • 6pm – bath time
  • 6.20pm – massage and dressed into night clothes
  • 6.30pm – book
  • 6.40pm – feed and then rocked until half asleep
  • 7pm (ish) – put down in his crib.

Much love

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