Baby Björn Carrier Review

F4F3BB33-6C7E-4137-8022-3EAFA7CCC29ABrief Start/First Impressions
The Baby Bjorn Carrier has been designed with the help of real families and experts to create the ultimate comfort and support for parents and their babies, supporting your baby’s growing neck, hips and spine.  The size, seat area and head support are fully adjustable which means the baby carrier can be adapted as your baby grows.  I also has a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps that relieve pressure on your back and shoulders, and make it comfortable for you to carry your child.

Features and Benefits
Ergonomic leg position and Ergonomically ‘Hip Healthy’
Superior Comfort
Ultimate Support
Less fabric between parent and baby enhancing the bonding experience
Additional padding in the shoulder straps for hours of comfy carrying.

BabyBjorn Carrier City Black

19389904-1C8C-4C54-8EBA-0F5DCB316286What I Think
So, I thought the Ergobaby 360 was pretty impressive but this amazing product is a must, especially for parents with more than one child (it’s certainly helped me with. Ursery drop offs).

As with most products of this nature, practice really does make perfect, and now having used it a number of times I feel a lot more confident doing the buckles up and it only takes me a couple of seconds to put Hamish in.  I feel confident that he is safe and secure in the carrier and I can go ahead with my daily chores. 

The Straps do not feel uncomfortable on my shoulders and the thick waistband helped spread the weight of the baby’s body weight across my back and shoulders. Even after a good 2 hours, I haven’t felt any discomfort whatsoever both during and after removing the carrier.  

Overall I am really impressed with the BabyBjorn Carrier, and I only wish I had used one with Tobias too. Hamish is always calm and content, whilst at the same time I’m able to give Tobias my attention when he desires!

Preferred over a wrap
Easy to wash
Light and easy to carry
Comfortable on back
Safe positioning for baby
Leaves both hands free for other parenting duties! 
Adjustable to suit both parents
Suitable from newborn


Overall Feedback
So, If you:

  • Need to feel completely secure hands-free,
  • Have a newborn or small baby
  • Have more than one child 
  • Want a more interactive, organic closeness to your baby while you carry him or her, and
  • Need something that packs away very small and efficiently,
  • Get easily annoyed by a lot of dangling straps
  • Want easy access for nursery drop offs etc 

then I say you would prefer the Bjorn Baby Carrier.  

But, if you:

  • Have a child older than 15 months,
  • Going to use a carrier for long periods of time 

then I’d probably recommend the Ergobaby.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier for Newborn to Toddler

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own. Bjorn Carrier8C79E12B-F439-4D83-92A5-FC91F784D337

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  1. I’ve used one of these since I can remember, I’ve had three mainly due to them getting covered in cow poo lol and wouldn’t use any other carrier. My only grumble if any is I’d like one that’s cow poo proof lol x

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