2nd Birthday Planning

0D735344-CC31-4AE7-A992-66DBBAE9214CIn a couple of weeks my son is going to turn two. I’m looking forward to it albeit my heart strings ache for the baby that’s no longer here and the excitement at the kind of boy he’s becoming.  I’ve decided not to have a 2nd birthday party for him and here’s why:

1. The Costs
I really would love to simply throw a party on the farm but I’m wise enough not to even bother thinking it would be decent weather.  Plus the health and safety risks scare me silly!   Any venue able to accommodate all our guests plus food, decor and other miscellaneous rentals would cost a lot that I would be more happy to invest on trips out and holidays whilst he is still young and wouldn’t remember parties anyway.

139F5527-13B4-49C0-B54D-081D79D8B5B92. The Guests
We really are blessed to have a lot of people who love and care for our little man. They’ve actually been incredibly generous with us throughout the years but I do feel throwing a party means they must bring a gift and I don’t wan5 to put that on others.  

3. The Giveaway Goody Bag
Not only do we have to consider food and location expenses, but we’re also supposed to send all of our guests with parting gifts. The more “affordable options” consists of cheaply made, choking hazards for babies.  Do I sound ridiculous!

D91B3A95-0820-4DB5-BCCE-DE4D6F26B5874. The Time (Before, During and After)
Anyone who wants to throw a decent party knows how much a time investment it takes before, during and after. For an organised, detail-orientated mum like me, the planning in my head starts at least six months prior. Then there’s the actual preparation for the party days before and day of, a practice in the art of logistics and planning and more than a few helping hands. During the party, we’re preoccupied trying to make sure that there’s enough food, that the drinks remain free flowing and that the guests are okay. I don’t even want to write about the cleaning that goes on afterwards.  Personally, I would rather spend the day giving undivided attention to my son and spending quality time as a family.

5. The Toddler
Excuse me for being presumptuous but most of the time, the three and under celebrants often appear stressed, tired and on the verge of an epic tantrum, nervous breakdown style (I’d like to add this is my child whenever we leave the house)!  

47C05341-B542-4C18-A1C7-504EE31F4582Tobias is going to have have an entire weekend of celebrating with the undivided attention of his parents, a birthday cake, a trip to the zoo and a family Sunday lunch at the local pub. 

Much love 

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