Four Month Update

It’s official, I’m out of the fourth trimester and no longer have a newborn.  Hamish is no longer a baby, he’s growing into a little boy, day by day. Month four has been a quieter month, but after visiting the health visitor it was found he had dropped a percentile line and I have to go back in a months time, they weren’t overly concerned though so fingers crossed there’s a growth spurt due and he can catch up.  The developments are coming through so I imagine his food intake will increase soon. His sleep pattern has changed (for the better) and he only wakes up once through the night, that’s 7pm to 2am then straight through till 6.30am!  He doesn’t seem to have long naps though – so I will be focusing on this for next month.

He continues to reach those monthly milestones and impressing me every day with his new skills!  He has also rolled over but seems to have forgotten how to already! He giggles all the time but also has a short fuse and gets bored easily, I love to watch him amuse himself by playing with his hands and feet.  He loves his reflection in the mirror and stares at himself for long periods of time. He’s finally happy doing tummy time but hates water, be it the bath or in a swimming pool, which is very different to his brother!  He spooks at noises – and will get quite upset easily.   He had started screaming in his sleep, which I think is stress or anxiety of me not being there, so hopefully this won’t last long. He bats hanging toys and can reach out and hold onto objects or toys.  He loves a good chat and coos along when you talk to him.

Week thirteen – we went to the white rose centre in Leeds, getting ready for winter and shopping for the autumn/winter wardrobes for both boys.  We also had two play dates, one with a friend who is currently in her final month of pregnancy and another friend who little boy was born 4 days after Tobias.  I do feel when I go out now I have to referee my child and make sure he shares! 

Week fourteen – was my birthday, my mother and I’m together with the boys went to big sheep little cow I Bedale.  I’m glad we did something fun for the day bu5birthdays aren’t just for me anymore!   Gavin’s yearly shoot season started this week which means every other Saturday he’s busy and not around.  I’ve also signed up for PT sessions that are based online or over the phone which works well with two children.  Finally we’ve started prepping for weaning Hamish, the high chair has been purchased and the plan of action has been put in place – we start in December 2018! 

Week fifteen – was the photo shoot at nursery where the nursery kindly agreed to include hamish in some pictures.  My car had to go to the  garage as there was a faulty light which meant I was careless for a few days – I really need a car!!  My dad took me and my brother out for the night to celebrate our birthdays which was lovely! We went fo4 a meal at a local pub! We’ve started on the house works YAY! The heating is working and we’re slowly starting on the kitchen – we’ve purchased cupboard doors from Howden’s and kick board to start with.

Week sixteen – my mother and I visited tong garden centre where we had afternoon tea, followed by shopping for Christmas! I also had Hamish weighed where it was found that he had dropped a percentile (meaning he isn’t putting on weight as fast) but was told it wasn’t anything to worry about. 

Week seventeen – this week we went to Birchfield farm to pick our pumpkins for Halloween.  We ended up with five pumpkins somehow and spent the rest of the week carving them all.  Tobias had a hair cut (finally) at the weekend.  To end the week we went to a party for some friends little boy who turned one.   

Much love

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