Day in the life

03092FE8-2ECD-47BD-A7F7-635D5C255F22It was Tobias’ 2nd birthday recently and I thought I would share a day in the life with you so you can see what we got up-to. Obviously this isn’t a regular day in the life, Gavin worked the morning on the farm and then came in and the rest of the day off so we were able to have a family day together, which is rare for us all, currently!

05.00: Gavin got up to do the morning jobs on the farm. He always makes a lot of noise and usually wakes Hamish up, so I fed him and he settled back down for a couple of hours.  

07.00: I managed to drop back off once Gavin had left but Tobias woke me up wanting his bottle around 7am.

07.30: I then got myself ready for the day, followed by Hamish and then finally Tobias. We then headed downstairs to play whilst e aimed for Gavin to come in.

6269D9CD-4C98-43AC-BAD4-C78C11E4E6CE08.30: Is usually the time we have breakfast and Gavin joins us as he’s finished on the farm.

09.00: Gavin got showered and changed whilst Tobias played with his toys and I put Hamish down for first nap.  

09.30: we set off for the zoo – we went to flamingo land which is approx. an hour and a half for us .  

11.00: The day was horrendous, weather wise but we braved it and went round all the animals.  Hamish also had a nap in the pushchair as we were walk not around (who knows how)! 

13.00: We had lunch out at the cafe on site and then it was time to head home.  13.30: Time for Tobias’ and Hamish’s sleep, so we jumped in the car and drove home which took two hours.  

15.00: We went to my grandmas on our way home, where Tobias was given a present to open.  We came home so gavin could go out to feed the cows on the farm.  I caught up on the daily house chores, clothes washing, hoovering, cleaning surfaces, doing the dishwasher etc!

17.00: Tobias had his tea and i ordered the takeaway to be picked up later on.

18.00: Once Tobias has finished eating it’s time for his bath, this takes a while now as he loves to play with all of his toys! Gavin came in from jobs on the farm, whilst we were finishing up in the bath and I was getting both boys ready for bed.

18.30: Gavin then entertained Tobias whilst I put Hamish to bed. 

19.00: is when Tobias normally goes to bed.  I went to get the takeaway whilst Gavin did this job.  

20.00: Gavin and I then usually catch up on all the television programmes and relax.

22.30: We went to bed, which is our normal time.

So there you have it, again like I said before, this isn’t a typical day in the life for us but Tobias had a fab birthday and now we all can’t wait for Christmas.  We tried to spread Tobias birthday out too, so the day after we did cake and presents with him and we also took him to soft play. 

Much love

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