Review – electric car


Tobias was bought an electric car for Christmas last year and after a year I thought I would write my thoughts on it.  Yes, okay, it wasn’t actually a real car but it’s a very good replica though.  Tobias was dubious to start with as it moved by itself and he didn’t understand how.  It features:

  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Working headlights
  • A horn
  • An auxiliary socket and speakers so you can listen to music
  • A storage compartment in the boot

The electric car is something that looks really cool and very realistic.  It is bulky, but it can be picked up and carried if necessary.  The bodywork is plastic with the steering mechanism, made of metal. I should also add that you charge the batteries by plugging it in to the mains via a socket.  It all seems very sturdy, and it really should be, considering the target audience. The paintwork is well applied, and shouldn’t easily chip off from collisions and bumps.

All they have to do to start the car is switch on the ignition button, pop the gear stick forwards and then press the accelerator floor pedal.  Handling is then managed by the very responsive steering wheel, while breaking is accomplished by simply taking your foot off the pedal – the car doesn’t roll forwards, carried by momentum.

Designed for kids older than 12 months.  The electric car comes partially flat-packed and requires some assembly. Fortunately, the box-like build is easy to throw together.

Tobias uses his electric car mostly to haul a huge number of toys and teddies around the house and garden; stuffing all available compartments with cargo. 

What may look like just a pretend radio to the left of the steering wheel, actually is a very real and functioning one. There is also a USB port to attach a flash drive with music on it, a Micro SD Card slot for the same, and an Auxiliary port so the kids can plug in your (or their) phone or mp3 player. The stereo speakers are capable of churning out quite a powerful sound – certainly loud enough to drown out the noise of the electric motor whirling away while in transit.

From a parents perspective it seems to be quite hard wearing, and although the wheels are plastic they have a tough rubber ring around them which makes contact with the ground, taking the brunt of the wear. Also the front and rear body pieces are fairly flexible.

For something truly unique and exciting for children an electric car is a definite investment.

12V Battery Electric Ride on Jeep Car

Much love

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