New Years resolutions for 2019

76ee5878-f1e0-48ad-aba7-e4867153e33dSo just Iike every year, I have set some goals which I hope will keep me focused in my day to day life. The goals I wish to achieve are not necessarily resolutions but positive life changes which I plan to incorporate into every day until hopefully they become second nature.  The goals are very similar to previous years with a few added on for good measure.  

  1. I would like to go on “date nights” with Gavin to make time for ourselves and to make sure we keep our relationship together. Now that we have two boys, I am soon realising that one can forget their own identity and lose track of many things in life, therefore I feel this is a necessity.  I’ve pencilled in a night out every month – but it doesn’t mean we have to stick to it (it always depends on babysitters)!
  1. I would like to get out into the countryside more, such as going for walks or exploring new places we haven’t been before.  I made a list over the past year of places to visit, both free and places to pay to go.  The list is long!  So it may take the next 5 years to do them all but I certainly plan to!  Again, this is dependant on the weather, which is bad (90% of the time in the Yorkshire Dales).  But the benefits from just getting out and about and to breathe in fresh air can certainly make you re-evaluate your life, calm you down and I also think it helps you sleep better.
  1. I would like to get away this year with my family.  My aim is the same as 2018 – two visits to Center Parcs.  Time spent together away as a family, away from the distractions of normal daily life and working, is what is needed for everybody once in a while.
  1. I hope to get my life in order this year. I guess this is all around my organisation such as sorting out my whole life, including meal planning, scheduling, outfits, jobs to do that day and cleaning.  Along with the boys routine too (which is currently ever changing on a daily basis).  
  1. Finally, I would like to grow my blog spot and make more of an effort to get good content out there, that people would like to read.

Much love

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