Six Month Update – Hamish

1A8D6B48-F68E-433C-8D10-56EEFE2B68E7HALF A YEAR!!! Where did that time fly? Its strange to think that this time last year we had just announced that I was pregnant with baby number two. 

Hamish is a sturdy sitter now, who likes to arch his back when you hold his arms so that you can pull him up to a standing position. I still don’t feel confident enough to leave him sitting on his own as I feel that he will inevitably fall over when I’m not looking.  We are fully on board with weaning now and you can certainly tell which foods he favours (fruity)!  I do feel like he has gone through a growth spurt recently as he has gone into the next sized clothing. He turns towards sounds and voices and likes nothing more than to jabber away to himself. He continues to blow bubbles at everybody and even a tooth made an appearance this month (to then disappear again the next day)!   We are working on his tummy time as he still hates it and isn’t anywhere near rolling from his back to his tummy, like his peers.  Hamish reaches out for people when he wants to be picked up, which is adorable to see. Finally, he drags items closer to him when he is on the floor and loves nothing more than to bang his toys and make as much noise as possible.

Week twenty one – we went to the zoo for Tobias’ birthday, Hamish slept most of the way around, until the weather turned bad and was raining and windy.  We all still enjoyed our day trip out together. We also started to get ready for Christmas with a trip to Leeds.  

Week twenty two – was all about the Christmas spirit.  Tobias had a nursery Christmas party which Hamish slept through (surprise, surprise).  We also visited the night lights at Harlow Carr which were beautiful, both boys were very impressed (even though the weather was miserable and cold).  

Week twenty three – we went to church for the christingle service,  Tobias wasn’t fussed about the experience but the flickering candles caught Hamish’s attention.  We went to see the Christmas experience at piglets farm in York he h was fab and we would highly recommend.  Finally Hamish developed a barking cough this week which we went to the doctors about, they didn’t seem to think it was a problem for him (little did they know he still has it now)!

Week twenty four – we went to do the final bits of Christmas shopping in Harrogate, we also visited Birchfield Farm with my mother which was such a lovely morning trip out.  Gavin and I took the boys to stockeld park at the weekend and I wouldn’t advise anyone to go.  Finally on Christmas eve daytime Tobias went out with his nana and grandad so we took the opportunity to go see family with Hamish.  

Week twenty five – Christmas Day and Boxing Day was sent with all our family and close friends.  We visited Aunty Ninny’s new house in Bradford.  We went to mamas and papas to purchase some bits for the christening.  Finally we met with some friends at the Black Sheep Brewery for lunch.  

Hamish does seem to still be suffering the effects of going through the four month sleep regression, he is usually up between two- three times per night.  He’s also getting a bottle of 5oz formula milk as his last feed before bedtime.  He does seem to continue to breastfeed every 3 hours through the day.  Now to see what new adventures await in the future… 

Much love 

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