Why I Blog?!?!?

D69F6CB6-B957-4ACD-BBEA-231DC0326F37Recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been writing many blog posts and there is a reason.  I lost my mojo!  There’s no other way of saying it, so i told myself I would take January off and see how I felt by the end of the month.  The decision to carry on has made me happy again, I’ve certainly missed updating and I don’t want to look back in a few years time and be disappointed that I hadn’t noted everything about both boys growing up.  

So I’ve made a plan for the year of subjects to cover and I wanted to go over why I even started blogging about my life and a little bit about my background. I would have been the first person to laugh if you had suggested to me that nearly three years ago, I would be sitting here doing this today. I have always hated the sound of my own voice (the yorkshire accent can make a person sound thick)!  My log spot has shifted from a place where I share memories for purely my own pleasure (just like a diary), to a place where I can try and help others. Whether you are a pregnant first time mum, a parent who feels like they have no clue, a farming mummy just like me or just just someone who really, really likes me,  then I hope that I can make you feel less alone.  Every single view, like, comment, message and email honestly means the complete and utter world to me so thank you to you all for spurring me on and I hope I can keep sharing this journey with you all. 

09000EF3-BF3A-40C8-8791-20BA11A10F6E1. I  love how blogs can give advice.  They are honest, straight to the point advice from other parent-to-be/parent’s perspective 
2. In a way the blog is my hobby. 
3. It’s also a fun talking point with new people and friends.
4. It’s a place where my memories are stored.  Blogging has helped me keep a pretty detailed record of everything so far and I love looking back on it all. Hopefully my children will do, one day, too. 
5. Whether it’s a review of some sort, it’s always lovely to hear I’m helping others.

So I’ve decided I need to hold myself a little more accountable and then I might not lose the enthusiasm again.  2019 needs to be the year where I take this all a bit more seriously and try not to be afraid of failing, or not doing as well as other’s do. 

My Blogging Goals
– To post consistently, every Friday.
– To get to 1,500 views a month (currently at 1,000 views per month).
– To do more collaborations – hit me up fellow Bloggers!
– To get to 100 subscribers (currently at 82). 

672B3F8D-7D02-4F1A-95C5-4A2E4D0907E8My Social Media Goals
– Instagram (currently 1,400 followers): to only post images I’m 100% happy with and to TRY to get 2,000 followers (never going to happen!!).
– Twitter (currently 2,300 followers): to engage more and get to 3,000 followers.
– Facebook (currently 176 likes): to post more varied content, engage with comments more and get to 200 likes.

I can’t actually remember what I did with my spare time before I started blogging now, it’s mad! I owe a lot to this little project I started in 2016. The main things that I am grateful for, would be allowing me to make some super amazing friends and increasing my confidence as a parent.

Much love

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