Comparing Baby Monitors 2019

DB129F17-9095-4474-9813-E38A5FB1B4FACurrently, we have used two different baby monitors since having children.  I didn’t realise, until I got pregnant, that you could buy monitors that had sensor pads for monitoring your baby’s breathing, that some were cameras and other were just voice sensored.

We used the Tommee Tippee baby video monitor with Tobias.  It was fab and did the job required.  I can’t imagine not having one and wondering hat was happening in their room constantly.  As per the usual advice, both boys have stayed in our bedroom with us for the first few months of their lives, then graduated to their own rooms (Hamish is still due to go) when we felt confident they’d sleep through the night.  This monitor is literally rammed with features:

Infrared night vision camera
Movement sensor pad
Adjustable sensitivity settings
3” colour screen
Baby’s room temperature display
Up to 300m range with out-of-range indicator
Two-way talk back
Pager to find missing parent unit
Baby night light controllable from parent unit
Channel auto-select

801313D3-5493-490D-9732-BE1858C42C58The camera on this monitor is among the best I’ve used. The images on the screen are so clear, even in the pitch black (in daylight, the video is colour, switching to infrared when it gets dark). It’s also much simpler to position the camera unit as you can tilt the camera up and down freely.  Once the camera is aligned, and you’ve set the monitor up you simply press the ‘on’ switch on both units.  There’s also an option to zoom in and if baby makes a noise (you control the sensitivity) the unit immediately springs to life and you’ll be able to hear through the parent unit. There’s a two way talk-back option on the parent monitor that allows you to speak to your baby and give them reassurance.  To be honest, we rarely bothered with the sensor pad.  I can see the benefit of the feature though. For anxious parents it adds another dimension of reassurance.  Finally, there’s rechargable batteries in both units. Whilst running on the mains, you’re also charging up the units, ready to be used mains-free later on. This makes it the perfect option for taking on trips and holidays where your plug sockets might be poorly located.  The range on the audio monitors is great and the sound is really clear. You can set the volume of the monitors depending on how loud you need it to be. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video and Movement Baby Monitor

9AF34250-DFE5-4BA1-BF64-0B4E4058CA54When we had Hamish, I saw a review about the video baby monitor from Summer Infant. To continue using the Tommee Tippee we would have had to purchase a whole new camera but with this Summer Infant we can just buy the monitor for the new room and not delivered nest in the parent unit anymore.  You can watch up to four different screens if needed.  In the box, you get a camera, a monitor, two plugs, two-pin plugs, instructions and a selection of screws and sticky pads should you wish to secure your camera to a wall or other surface.  The monitor is really easy to use. So easy that, I didn’t even need to read the instructions.  Once I had plugged in the camera unit and then the screen, the camera came on and the buttons were really easy to understand.  Offering a large five inch colour LCD screen with a pan, tilt and zoom camera, it allows you to remotely control the camera to look at your baby.  There is also an on-screen nursery temperature display, automatic night vision, two-way talkback and a blue and red soft glow nightlight.

Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor

If you can find equipment which adapts to your needs as a family, not only will it save you money, it will make your life easier and who as a parent doesn’t want that? Let’s face it, bringing up children is hard enough.  All in all we would rate both monitors very highly, it just depends what you want for your family.

Much love 



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