Recent Events – February 2019

5F4483B8-9D06-4244-BC55-8AFEAC5CFCCAJanuary seems to fly by and before I know it, it’s February and a busy month for us.  Christmas seems a distant memory, however in some ways I’m already planning for Christmas 2019! 

This year Gavin turned 30, and we wanted to try somewhere new to eat.  We visited the pub/restaurant in Ripley called the Boars Head.  We had put both boys to bed before venturing out and we we’re able to stay out a little later than usual. The food was lovely and I’m glad we’ve been. We both splurged out and had three courses each.  I had a prawn starter, duck for main and I didn’t like the dessert list so wet for a coffee, whilst Gavin had partridge for starter, gammon for main and Apple Crumble as his dessert.  Tobias had made a beautiful card for Gavin and we’ve arranged to go shopping for some formal clothes, next month! 

Valentine’s Day went by in a flash and we did nothing to celebrate!  We exchanged the usual cards, chocolates and flowers but besides that we didn’t do the old romantic stuff.  Things like cuddling on a sofa or whispering sweet nothings to each other whilst enjoying a bottle of Pinot Grigio!  We’re just not that type of couple!  But we have our own way of showing each other that we care.  

It was also Pancake Day recently, and as is becoming tradition, I forgot all about it until the last minute.  So rushed to the local shop to purchase all the necessary foods and then to be told by Tobias that they were disgusting!  It all doesn’t seems worth it!  I really should be more organised and book somewhere so the stress is taken away from me!  

Tobias has had his two and a half year review with the health visitor and all went well!  He ticked all the milestone boxes so I was chuffed to hear that as I was worrying about his speech for nothing!  He’s coming on leaps and bounds now, he knows his colours, numbers, shapes etc.  

Finally, I’ve started investing a lot of my time and effort into getting back in shape (or at least a new toned shape, since having children)!  Three times a week I’m going to a cardio based class, together with three at-home strength sessions and one day of yoga!  Teaming this with healthier eating and watching my snack/ fizzy drink intake – I’m slowly starting to lose some more weight!  It’s a long journey though and doesn’t seem to happen in a progressive way.

I’m looking forward to a quieter month in March. The chickens are due this month and it’s mothers day towards the end, but other than that not much else!  

Much love

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