Hamish’s Eight Month Update

3624919C-82C8-4058-AB1A-70F8C9630BBAThis month seems to have quietened down, we haven’t done much out of our normal daily routine and it’s been quite enjoyable catching up with friends and spending time together as a family.  

With regards to Hamish’s milestones, his main accomplishment is that he has started crawling, all be it backwards army crawling but it’s coming on every day!  He’s a Lego hold onto items and support his full weight when standing.  I’ve started to get him to wave and clap, which isn’t coming very easily to him as some days are better than others, but he’s always got a huge smile on his face.  He’s started with the separation anxiety and I can’t put him down or leave a room without him crying his heart out!


Week thirty one – was also had a quiet week, following on from the week before.  We visited Brimham Rocks farm and soft play area where they hold ‘little farmers’ each week.  Hamish, Gavin and I also had a trip to the dentist, which is always full of dramatics with Gavin! 

Week thirty two – I visited Tobias’ health visitor for his two and a half year review which went well.  It was Valentine’s Day this week too, which we celebrated with a trip to Ikea for some new bits for Tobias’ new room. 

Week thirty three – this was the week we went out to celebrate Gavin’s birthday with a meal to the Boars Head in Ripley.  We had to visit the GP for Tobias as his eczema was getting worse and I also had an appointment for my eyebrows as they really needed doing this week! 


Week thirty four – the plasterer came to reskim tobias’ new room (I really do need to paint this room now)!  As it was also half term we spent most of the week visiting friends, going to peoples houses, attending children’s sessions,soft play and visiting visiting a petting farm.  Tobias was Ill over the weekend but we couldn’t work out what was wrong apart from a fever, so I’m hoping it was teeth.  

This month has been full of fun with friends and family! I’m expecting a tooth to appear any day this month as Tobias started at eight months old.  But my happy chappy is turning into a crowd pleaser with his huge smile and I adore every moment with him as he’s a pleasure to have in my life.  It just proves that a happy baby, makes a happy parent! 

Much love


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