Mothers Day 2019

30E4169B-F50B-4AA8-9341-9F71CFC72C0FMother’s Day this year I got truly spoilt with cards and flowers, carried to me by Tobias followed closely by Hamish in his walker!  We then went to the boys’ swimming lessons, where they both excelled themselves.  We quickly dropped the boys off at their grandmas afterwards and went through to Ilkley Betty’s,where Gavin treated me to afternoon tea (we did queue for an hour and a half outside first though)! Overall, I couldn’t have been more chuffed and felt very loved by the end of the day.

My weeks have changed completely in the last couple of months, trying to get a lot more structured and routine led fo4 Hamish’s sake, so I thought I would share a typical week with you.

Monday, is usually a day at home for us all.  The morning involves an acitivity and a walk outside somewhere.  Then after lunch for both boys they nap around the same time and then it’s time for more play whilst I do chores around the home, before I know it, it’s time for tea and the bedtime routine.  Once Gavin comes in, I head out to one of my gym sessions.  

E9335FF8-3022-4087-8BC3-173A08877137Tuesday is usually a class/ session in the morning, it’s one of the best days for me to see friends or go to toddler groups. I’m usually decluttering or tidying cupboards if we don’t go out, there always seems to be a build up of crap in my house! It’s bath night on a Tuesday, so after tea both boys have a bath and then it’s bedtime routine.

Wednesday is nursery day for Tobias, so me and hamish have the morning to ourselves. I do a quick tidy throughout the house and then a deep clean in one room, each week in a different room.  I try to do a gym session on this day too but Gavin is shortly going to be out on a night with the clay pigeon shooting league.  Tobias always wants an early night on nursery days, so when he gets home he has an early tea and is usually in bed for 7pm.  

Thursday is my mums day, so we go see her for the day. Sometimes we have a lot of jobs to do at her house, if not I’ll try to make her leave the home and go out somewhere, like to the park. Both boys have lunch and tea at my mums house, they also get bathed at my mums house.  So all I have to do is  get them ready for bed in time for dad coming in.

4CB02185-2BEA-4E7D-B7DD-A1B2F1AD9AF4Friday is another nursery day for Tobias. On these days I run errands, doing the food shop etc. Before I know it, time flies by and it’s time to pick Tobias up again.  When we get home, we have a bit of playtime together which is always fun! Dad comes in for his afternoon drink, then when he goes back out it’s the boys’ tea and bedtime routine starts.

Saturdays is a gym session n the morning for me.  So Gavin looks after both boys and when I get back I try to organise something in the afternoon that we can do as a family but we have to be back for 3.30pm so Gavin can go to work on the farm. Its bath night for the boys and most likely an easy tea for us all.

Sunday’s we spend the morning together going to our swimming lessons and then we have the afternoons free to work on the house.  Gavin has to work in the afternoons and before I know it the whole bedtime routine starts again!    

Much love
Rebecca CF82227F-8897-434C-A161-9D78B43B6EDF

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