Twelve Reasons Why My Mum Is The Best

My mother to most people is known as Christine.  She goes by many other nicknames, Chrissy, Bella, Nutter, Idiot.   But to me she is known simply as Superwoman!  She is my best friend, the person who isn’t afraid to tell me how it is but is always there to pick me up when I fall/ fail.   I’ve watched my mother grow as a human and I’ve seen her build herself up from nothing.  Hands down she is an inspiration and certainly someone to look up to (this I would never tell her though)!

Now I know what your thinking, this sounds like most mothers out there – she’s nothing special!  So here’s why she’s the best:

1.So strong – my mum may as well have the title of the world’s strongest woman, because anyone who successfully coped with me during my teenage years deserves an award.

2.Somehow my mum just has a magical sixth sense and picks up on things.

3.My mum is not judgemental, I can tell her anything and she never disowns me.

4.My mum has taught me some pretty important stuff on the ways of the world!

5.My mum is basically my little ray of sunshine, I’m always happier when she’s there (although she does call my Becky Bad Mood)!

6.My mums jokes and humour are unique and sometimes it’s like we’re the only two people who get each other.

7.Cool as cucumber, my mum couldn’t care less what people think about her.

8.She’s selfless, always puts me first, If that isn’t pure and true love, then i don’t know what is.

9.She gave me life – enough said!

10.She still gives the best cuddles when I need.

11.My mums tough love approach leaves a lot to be desired for but I wouldn’t change her for the world. I’ve never been ‘grounded’ and if she ever did tell me off, she made sure she gave me a cuddle before bedtime, as she can’t go to sleep with badness in the air.

12.Hands down my mum is irreplaceable and offers a kind of comfort and warmth that can never be taken away.

Sometimes I know I take my mother for granted but it’s still nice to remind her every so often, just how much she means to me! It wasn’t until I had my own children that I realised just how much she does for me, just how much my mother loves me and my siblings and just how much she would do anything for me.

Much love

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