Easter 2019

5858C0C4-CF1B-4312-A350-8F6F24EAF9DFThis Easter was fab!  Obviously it’s a big change as we now have two boys to entertain but we still enjoyed ourselves.  

Our long weekend was filed with a balance of busy days out and days at home.  This year however I didn’t collect any daffodils – every year I love going to collect fresh daffodils from our lane, so that was bad of me!  On the Friday, once Gavin came in from jobs, we all got ready and headed out for a walk around Pateley Bridge’s river.  Both boys enjoyed the walk and had a great time.  Gavin’s mother cooked a beautiful meal for the family that evening that was enjoyed by all and we had a chilled evening talking with family.

On the Saturday, I went to a workout in the morning, bounce is my current favourite activity!  I burn the most energy whilst there but still enjoy every second.  Then when I got home, we continued painting Tobias’ new room, so it was a day at home for us all.  We followed up by having a takeaway that night and a movie once the boys went to bed.      

Sunday came and we decided to head out for another walk around Glasshouses, to feed the ducks and have a picnic.  It’s a lovely walk around the river but surprisingly the path was busy and we didn’t get the secluded meal on our own that I was expecting, instead lots of dogs sniffing around and people asking for directions.  Still we enjoyed it none the less! 

On the Monday I went to a spin class in the morning and then when I got home and showered I wanted to go to the supermarket to top up on our supplies, it took forever as the roads were crazy busy, it didn’t help that Harrogate town were playing football that day too, the shop was also busy and so I made the excursion quick and headed home.  That night I ventured out for a bit of pampering and got my nails done.  

Every weekend is jam packed full, but this year was fab. I have said that next year we do need to make it more traditional so the boys understand what Easter is about.  Maybe a  church service and a trip out on a bunny hunt is needed! 

Much love

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