Hamish’s Nine Month Update

A57BACC6-6707-4E28-9D34-E4CA2C729B95Now Hamish has been earth side the same amount of time that he was in my belly, it’s quickly becoming apparent he’s a very different child to Tobias.  He’s more delicate, somehow.  He processes life a lot differently and I can’t believe just how polar opposites they are.  At this stage, Tobias was sleeping through the night in his own room, he was walking and very physically active.  Hamish is way off these milestones but seems to be developing quicker in other areas.  I remember reading that at nine months old their communication skills should be waving, clapping, kissing, saying mama or dada but just like Tobias, Hamish isn’t showing any signs, currently.  He does jabber continuously and loves testing his voice to the limits though (both in loudness and pitch).

He sounds like he is combining syllables into word-like sounds but no specific words yet. He loves nothing more than banging, dropping and throwing objects around so we’ve got the percussion instruments out for him. I’ve been watching him carefully and have noticed his pincer grip is developing really well, especially from having finger foods and purées now, he’s able to pick up peas and sweetcorn easily and swallow them, which I’m very proud of. He even tries to grasp the spoon from me now, when being fed.  He definitely knows his own name now and knows when he’s being cheeky as he gets a big grin on his face. He also understands the word “no” – which is said all the time now to him!  He has started moving from a sitting position to a crawling position, getting ready to move forwards, but nothing has happened yet.  

Week thirty five – this week it was pancake day, I wrote about it in a previous post – but as always it was a last minute thought after listening to others talk about it.  This week was also the knaresborough young farmers annual tractor run – which had snow up on the moors but we still ventured out, Tobias hated it, surprisingly! 

Week thirty six – we started painting tobias’ new room this weekend, in preparation of moving hamish into the nursery.  This week the chickens also started laying eggs and we are getting five decent sized eggs each day.

Week thirty seven – this week the pushchair saga continues, I’ve sent it back to the depot where I purchased it and they have sent it to cybex for further investigation.  It was also   Mother’s Day on the Sunday and unconventionally I left the children with my mum and ventured to Betty’s for a meal with just me and Gavin! 

Week thirty eight – this was a week for seeing my mummy friends, it’s always lovely catching up and seeing our babies growing up.  It was also my dreaded smear test after giving birth – I haven’t heard any results as yet but hopefully that means all is ok.  We finished the week with a visit to see Aunty Ninny – it’s a full days outing for us as she now lives on the other side of Bradford but it’s always lovely to meet up.  

Week thirty nine – Gavin finally had a day off to go out as a family – when I say day off, I mean from 11am – we ventured into York and went to a soft play followed by an early tea out and then sipping on the way home, I’m already looking forward to the next time. I finally got to meet one of my mummy friends who has just had her second baby and what a gorgeous little bundle she is, I got the full lowdown of the labour story (my favourite subject) and left very broody!  Finally we ended the week visiting springtime live in Harrogate with some of our closest friends and our god daughter, it was queues galore but lots of fun to be had! 

Hamish’s favourite game is peek a boo. He’s becoming overly ticklish and listening to his giggles melts my heart.

Much love

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