Hamish’s Ten Month Update

9B6D6710-F1C1-4E11-A703-8AB0537BADBFIf I’m honest, Hamish has been hard work this month!  He seems to think 4am is morning and can only nap through the day in my arms, I’m working on this, I promise!  He’s getting a huge personality now and really loves testing his limits, but every time he does something and you tell him that he can’t he does it anyway!  As he gains more and more confidence every day, he picks up more and more speed, both crawling and cruising on furniture!

Milestone wise he carry’s on reaching all the typical milestones for his age.  Since last month he now is able to stand alone for a few seconds.  He does love giving big smiles to everyone he meets, even sometimes flirting with people by hiding his face when people interact with him. He seems to understand simple instructions like ‘come back here’ or ‘here is your drink’, he knows his name and certainly knows the word “no”. He also now can drink from a cup independently.  He lets me know all the time with gestures what he wants, particularly when he wants food! Finally he is showing signs of his brain developing by putting objects into a container and getting them back out, by himself.  

E6BB407A-92AC-4697-8CAE-681832783712Week forty – this was the Easter weekend, where we had four days off. I’ve done a previous post on what we got up to but it was the perfect balance of walks, home life and getting out and about! 

Week forty one – was a very quiet week for us.  We didn’t get up to much apart from catching up with my friends, nursery and my updated fitness sessions for the week.  I’m currently trying to shift the first time baby weight (weight gained from my first pregnancy) I only need to lose half a stone more.  I’ve been managing my diet (concentrating on my macros more than being diet specific) as well as training three to four times a week.  Bounce class (trampolining), kettlebells, core blast and spinning.   

Week forty two – we went out for a meal with Hamish’s god parents, to celebrate birthdays and have a good old catch up.  They’ve also recently bought a house which we went to have a gander at! 

Week forty three – this week Tour de France came through Harrogate, on the Friday.  I managed to get to my training session in the morning but struggled to get home due to road closures.  In the end I watched the actual race on the tele, as the timings fell on job time for Gavin. 

Let’s see what the next couple of months brings us before Hamish turns one!  He has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of months and I love waking up to see what new things he’s figured out overnight! 

Much love

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