Review of Sleeping Products

4CAEAEEE-A64B-48DC-8CA9-C36A040EF6BBEver since Tobias was born, I have been a huge fan of The Gro Company products, As soon as Hamish was born I was keen to try out their new 2 in one Swaddle and Grobag suitable from birth – the Grosnug.  It enables you to swaddle your baby with either arms in or arms out depending on your child’s preference. The Grosnug is extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes.  Made from supersoft and stretchy cotton, the Grosnug is available in two different weights – Light and Cosy, tailoring them to different room temperatures or seasons.  It fits babies between 5lb to 12lb, it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Hamish seemed to prefer the comfort of being tightly wrapped in blankets and swaddled.  He also had a tendency to wake up with the Moro reflex.  The Grosnug was really straight forward, it has a large zip that runs from top to bottom. The product has press studs sealing in the arms at the top, and can be changed to arms out when required. The zip has protector flaps concealing them safely away from the skin.  The Grosnug material felt soft and cosy, and I really liked the subtle gender neutral designs.

As Hamish got a little bigger, he started to settle and stopped startling himself, I decided to use the Grosnug to transition to arms out, in preparation for when he would need to go into a sleeping bag.  One of the biggest positives about the Grosnug, is that its design still ensures that nappy changes aren’t a challenge, even in a dimly lit room. The zip opens all the way up at the bottom.  Overall I was really impressed with the Grosnug, particularly in those first few weeks at home with our newborn.

The Gro Company – Grosnug


I also think it’s worth mentioning these swaddle blankets as they are very useful!  I remember hearing about the aden + anais Muslin Swaddles and wondered what all the hype was about. Well now, after purchasing two sets, one with Tobias and one with Hamish, I know why!  Each swaddle is made out of 100% cotton muslin and they are pre-washed. The fabric is extremely soft and frequent washing does not compromise the quality. No need to worry about scratchy fabric that will pill after being washed a few times.  The company recommends washing your swaddle in warm water. You can tumble dry the swaddles on low but don’t iron or dry clean them.  There are a number of cute and modern fabric patterns to choose from in many different colour schemes. They have so many options that I had a hard time narrowing down my favourites!   The aden + anais swaddles are amazingly versatile due to their 47” x 47” size.

Overall, I highly recommend the aden + anais Muslin Swaddles. I used them every single day and I think they are fabulous, both for their purpose and as muslins for cleaning milk sick or Using as a coverall when breastfeeding.  Though they are more expensive than other options out there, you’ll love the high quality and versatility. This is definitely an item that should be on your list of must haves!

aden + anais silky soft swaddle


Finally, I wanted to talk about the Grobag which comes in different sizes and can go up to 36 months hamish usually wears a long-sleeved sleepsuit or pyjamas, when in his 2.5 tog sleeping bag and the room is usually between 18 -20oc.  This is why I love Grobags:

  • Safety. Each Grobag meets the new British safety standards. The Gro Company works closely with the Lullaby Trust (formerly The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, FSID) and the Grobag was created as a safe alternative to sheets and blankets. The Grobag is The Lullaby Trust’s recommended sleep bag.
  • Once on the Grobag won’t come off unless I take it off. This means that we don’t have to worry about blankets covering Hamishs head during the night.
  • The Grobag ensures that your child remains a constant temperature all night. There is no need to worry that Hamish will kick blankets off and get cold.
  • The Grobag comes with a free nursery thermometer and a handy guide on what babies should wear to bed. As a new mum I struggled to know what to dress Tobias  in at night. This handy guide does all the work for you. If you know the temperature of their nursery then you can easily work out what clothes to dress baby in at bedtime.
  • It is very easy to put on. 
  • The zip on the Grobag means it is easy to do night-time nappy changes without having to remove the sleep bag.
  • Hamish finds it harder to manoeuvre when wearing a Grobag. Now he’s rolling and crawling I’m hoping this means that he won’t be able to climb out of his cot.
  • The zip is concealed so we don’t have to worry about it catching on anything during the night.
  • It is easy to wash and can be tumble-dryed on a low heat.
  • I adore the design of this baby sleep bag.

I can’t actually think of anything I didn’t like about the Grobag. In fact, I am now going to go online and buy another so that we don’t have to resort to blankets whilst the Grobag is in the wash!


Much love 

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