May Bank Holidays

47573B2C-3F52-4D49-8E83-60496CB8C7B2We’ve been a little quieter than normal this month, but it’s all go on the farm so I thought i would update you on what’s been going on.

The first May bank holiday was spent working on Tobias’ new room, it seems to be never ending but that’s partly because there was a lot to do, partly because it’s going to be the play room as well and partly as we’ve been busy doing other jobs as well!  It’s getting close to completion so I will share what we’ve done in the next few months.  

In between the bank holidays we went to a dispersal dairy sale (the farm was going out of milk).  We went as a full family, myself and Gavin, his parents and Tobias and Hamish.  It was a full day event of great fun, on what felt like the hottest day of the year but thankfully we were in an open tent and there was plenty to occupy Tobias (as we were on a farm)!  We headed off at 9am and didn’t get home until 6pm.  Both boys did fab and we ended up bidding on lots of cows and winning in some.  The next day Gavin had to go back to load the 51 cows purchased and bring them to their new home.  The boys and I have been out every day since to help with jobs on the farm as it’s become a lot more busier all of a sudden an£ it’s nice to see the new ones settling in so well 

The second May bank holiday I worked on the Friday and Saturday and felt pretty knackered when i got home so it was early nights all round.  The Sunday we visited my father and got to catch up with my brother and his partner aswell.  We followed this up with a walk in the afternoon and a BBQ for tea, at the end of the day.  On the Monday, Gavin worked as the foot trimmer came to do the cows (he had 40 to look at this time)!  So Gavin was able to take the Tuesday off instead where we went to a children’s cafe, had lunch out and then ran some errands, before it was job time again on the farm.

As you can see holidays aren’t the same for us on a farm.  The farm takes priority but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  However I do count up how many days Gavin works on weekends etc so I can clock up time to get back off him (it’s the only way I get him to come to Center Parks with me – countdown to September begins)!

Much love 

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