Father’s Day Activity Ideas

9624CD2A-E966-4230-BB0D-B87DC0094201So I’m terrible, we always do something on Mother’s Day, be it go out for a meal as a family, go on a walk or maybe an activity with all the family.  But when it comes to Father’s Day, we do absolutely nothing!  Poor Gavin must feel like he’s being neglected, which isn’t quite how I want him to feel, especially on a special day like Father’s Day.  So I need to put a game plan in place for next year and going forward.  This is some of the ideas I’ve come up with.  The activities below suit nearly all types of dad personalities, so hopefully you’ll be able to use some of them too! 

1. All-day breakfast
It’s a great way for the family to start the day and still leaves time for a packed schedule, maybe for something else you’ve organised.

2. Boozy brunch
If Father’s Day falls on the weekend, how about skipping the idea of breakfast entirely and organising a classic bottomless brunch.

3. Barbecue
Every dad loves to use a BBQ, scratch that every male seems too!  

4. Alcohol tasting (e.g. gin or wine)

5. Guided walks and den building
Den building is another excellent opportunity to let dads showcase their DIY skills.  Center Parks have a brill activity for families to get together and do this.   

6. Test-driving a car 
Many dads are car enthusiasts or at the least will give driving a go if given half the chance.  So why not organise a test drive event where dads can try out and have lots of fun!  

7. Sports events
Some fathers are sports fans, so why not organise a sports event that they can attend with their children.  Like a football match or a triathlon.

8. Cycling
If you have some bikes, it’s time to dust them off for Father’s Day or you could hire some for the day at a really reasonable price, like we did last year.  Perfect as a low-cost, fab day out activity. You can even take a picnic.

9. Clay shooting
For the fathers that are more into shooting, there is the option of hosting a shooting day.  Virgin Experience Days hold events like this.   

10. Sponsor a duck
When I was younger there used to be a lot of duck races in my area, as in plastic ducks are let go in a river and the first one across the finish line, wins!  This is one of Father’s Day event ideas that are particularly well-suited for families with smaller children.  Tip: Read more about this type of event at the National Trust website.

11. Live music
Encourage children to take their dad to a live concert and watch him jig around doing some dad dancing!  Gavin would hate this but I would get all the laughs! 

12. Film screening
For the father who isn’t the outdoorsy type, or who is just wanting to be a couch potato, why not host a film screening or go to the cinema!  Easy!

I hope this helps!  And Gavin I hope I can do better, than a Marks and Spencer’s meal deal that you had to cook yourself, next year! 

Much love 

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