Names We Like & May Use

D4512157-3C46-4C2D-9BFC-A1FEF307433FI compare the baby naming experience to a jiu-jitsu fight.  Sometimes your up and sometimes your down, it’s super hard to agree on a name, especially the more children you have, as the list starts to thin out and you question yourself even more so.  I’ve also found that trying to match names to siblings can be tough!  Names are a very personal decision, that unsurprisingly can shape a child’s life.  Some children grow into their names ( like my mother, Christine, I can’t imagine having a ‘baby Christine’)!  It’s also been researched about what type of jobs certain people get depending on their names, stereotyping!  You may laugh but I have a running list (have done since i was twenty) of baby names, Gavin isn’t a fan of all the names (boo) so I mark them in yellow (just in case he changes his mind in the future (lol)! 

So I thought I would share some names we both like, please bear in mind we may use one (or some) of these names in the future:

Girl Names

Boy Names

We haven’t agreed on final names as yet for baby number three, we usually have one or two names for each sex lined up at the birth and make the decision once the baby is born.  Wish me luck, in the arguments we are sure to have, trying to finalise and agree on a name!  

Much love
Rebecca A9920511-A4EE-45FA-B1DA-BAC39A1F15E6

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