Letter to First Time Me


Dear past me,

Having a new baby is one of the biggest events in your life. Every day you will feel like your heart will burst with the love you have for your baby. There will be some days when you might question why you thought it was a good idea to become a parent in the first place. You will get bombarded with contradictory parenting advice and feel overwhelmed on a regular basis but it’s all normal.  So here’s some words of wisdom from future you, to bear in mind:

1. Don’t rush the cuddles – Take every last second in, the warm body lying on your chest will soon be running around and won’t want the cuddles forever.

2. Film everything – Newborns change so quickly (like every day)!

3. The pride you will feel is uncontrollable and too much for your heart to deal with – so when you cry with pride, embrace it!

4. Don’t rush to buy everything – When a newborn arrives as long as you have some clothes, nappies, a bed and a car seat with a pushchair, your well on your way. Don’t feel pressured to buy everything, as some things will barely get used!

5. A routine will happen eventually –  Each baby is different but they all get there, the structure of feed, burp, play, sleep is enough to start with.  

6. Your children are unique – Don’t try to compare your children to anyone else, they all learn and grow at a different pace.

7. The Mamma Bear mentality does not go away – You will always feel the need to protect your children. 

8. There is no such thing as perfect – You won’t be able to read a book or website and learn all that you need to know. You will make mistakes and learn as you go. You will do the best that you can!

9. Have patience – This stage, phase, or situation that you are in is just for a short time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to help make the phases a little easier, but just remember that a little time helps too.

10. Trust your instincts – Don’t second guess your instincts when it comes to what is best for you and your baby. When you get conflicting advice, don’t assume someone else is right and you are wrong. No one else knows your baby and his/her needs like you do.

11. Sleep deprivation will play mind games with you. Aside from painfully low energy levels during the day, you’ll also experience dizziness, headaches, very bad memory, lack of attention, extreme irritable mood swings all the time, and poor quality of life in general. Lol!

12. Finally, and most importantly: they will always be your baby – When they’re old and tower over you both in height and weight.  They’ll always be your baby, and you’ll love the  forever.

To be fair this is only the tip of the iceberg, the list could go on forever.  When writing this your children are nearly three, a year and a half and a baby due in January so things are bound to change again and with change comes new learning and findings! 

Much love 

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