Second Trimester 2019

0E22FF5B-1B68-4ECF-8AA3-4B312BF74180Following on from our announcement post, I wanted to update you on our third pregnancy and what we have been up to.  Just the same as my first  two pregnancies by week thirteen I started to show, as in I didn’t look just fat anymore, I could pass as being pregnant and needed to purchase some maternity clothes!  I also started to go through our current baby related items to establish what we would need to purchase this time around and put a budget plan together to be able to do this.

Week 17 I visited the midwife for the first catch up after the twelve week scan. As long as everything is going smoothly you don’t need to see your midwife as much for your third baby.  She checked all my vitals, took a urine sample, checked my blood pressure, my weight, had a quick catch up and she had a listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Week 21 on the 12th September 2019 we had our mid pregnancy check up at the hospital and a further scan. At this scan you can find out the gender of your baby, however we both opted to keep it a surprise, just the same as the first two pregnancies.  The scan went fine but took a while as the sonographer was completing her assessment. I also met with the specialist regarding my tear and she confirmed we would go ahead with the same birth plan I had in place for Hamish!

BFDDF8B4-9B0A-42B2-9E1A-E33BB42FD1A5Week 22 I visited the midwife, which was confusing as we had only just had the twenty week scan.  She checked all my vitals, took a urine sample, checked my blood pressure, my weight, had a quick catch up and she had a listen to the baby’s heartbeat again.

Week 28 was my next midwife appointment. She did the usual checks, where she listened to the baby’s heart beat, checked me over to make sure everything was OK and more blood tests were taken for analysis.  It was also time to start measuring my bump, so I think I’ll be seeing her on a more regular basis now (every three weeks).  The baby is following the exact same percentile line as both boys so I’m expecting a very similar sized baby!  Finally the midwife said that baby is laying across my belly so it’s time to get the bouncy ball out and get that head facing downwards.   

Now we are in the final trimester, everything seems to be getting a little harder. I am getting far to big to be able to pick items off the floor, I struggle to pick the boys up and I feel uncomfortable all the time. However, nothing can beat the feeling of those kicks and the reassurance that comes with it.  We have the 4d scan booked in for next  week, which is exciting and I’ll also be able to use some of the measurement stats to create my gender predictions post, as always I’m super excited to do that one! 

Much love

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