Halloween & Bonfire Night 2019

E97217CD-9AD8-4576-B330-67D86FDC6E40I seem to be able to achieve one of these big events but not both in the same year!  What is wrong with me, is it bad planning or just the unknowing what to do!

Because we live in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours (in walking distance) I struggle to come up with ideas for celebrating (is that the right word???) Halloween.  I’ve spoken to many other people about what they do.  Some visit local attractions to get in the spirit, whilst some local villages hold Halloween parties.  I don’t know many people from the local villages to feel confident to take my children to parties, maybe this might come later when they’re older and have started school and made friends.  Also I don’t want to be spending an arm and a leg with Christmas just around the corner, in buying costumes and going out to an event (I know I sound tight)!  But I was given a great idea that I will be doing going forward, imagine a Christmas Eve box, but for Halloween.  Filled with goodies to eat and play with, sounds too easy, but loving the idea!

186E6F07-7754-4D4E-84F3-422F5DD75FADHowever we went all out this bonfire night.  I was definitely prepared.  I got the boys to complete some crafts and painting during the week before bonfire night.  I told them the story of Guy Fawkes (a very simplified version) and even let them try toffee apples and cinder toffee (melt in the mouth version).  On the Saturday my mother and I took the boys down to the village show ground, where the scouts hold an annual bonfire with a DJ and lots of food stalls.  We stayed till after the fireworks which both boys were in awe of and then (due to the wet weather) we made a run for it back home.  It’s the first time either of the boys have seen or experienced bonfire night so I’m hoping I can continue this in the future.  Maybe I could convince Gavin to do something on the farm next year!   

We also have had lots of birthday parties in the last couple of weeks, which has meant we’ve been super busy dashing from one event to the next – the boys really must have enjoyed themselves as they’ve been super tired, each night.  

I hope you were all able to enjoy parts of October/ November, I certainly want to enjoy these events as these are traditions that I remember from my childhood and would love my children to carry on as well.  

Much love

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