Review of Kinetic Sand

D83120A6-2CAE-422A-A381-45EFC3009EF2One of Tobias’ birthday presents was the construction kinetic sand set from spin master, we were very excited to test it at home. I hate sand the mess, the feel of it and even the amount that goes in children’s mouths – it’s just enough to put anyone off!  But we were recommended Kinetic Sand for its ability to keep shape and not go everywhere.  We have played with modelling sand before but nothing like this one. We have had lots of fun playing with this set.  Also, it was great to find out that the sand never dries out. The sand is wheat and gluten free.

Apparently, it contains 98% sand, 2% Polymers and 100% of fun! So you can pull it, shape it and mould it, to create incredible sand art.  When we received the box, the first thing I noticed is that it says that it is for kids aged 3 plus, I would say that it is suitable for a two year old, with supervision.  The set came with brown sand (other packs contain vibrant colours), a mould to create bricks, a jack hammer tool to pretend with, a small vehicle that looks like a toy version of our bobcat from the farm and a sand tray (card board) to play in.  I am a little disappointed about the colour as it does look like real sand and I can see Tobias getting confused. 

The good thing about this sand is that it sticks to itself and not to the fingers so it’s much easier to clean up and store after play. The feeling, while you are playing with the sand through your fingers, is amazing. It was super relaxing and actually quite therapeutic!  Tobias loves making lots of different shapes and keeps his attention for at least half an hour (a lot longer than most things)!  I like that he is able to use his creative skills.  

The only problem that I have is when it comes to tidy up time, Tobias doesn’t seem to understand that he should keep all the sand inside the tray, AT ALL TIMES.  By the time it comes to fully tidying up the sand, it gets all over the floor, its good to know Kinetic Sand is actually easy to clean and pickup as it sticks together well but can be time consuming.  The sand is reusable but you should store it inside a resealable bag or closed container for it to last much longer. 

This is definitely a great gift for Christmas to buy for your children or to give to another child. I’m sure whoever receives it will be very happy to play with it.

Much love

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