Tobias’ Third Birthday

4F69C1AC-FD4F-468E-8DDF-5BED081FAA50This year took a lot more planning then previous years!  I think half of it was to do with the time of year (winter) and not many places being open or having a non Christmassy theme. Also I had no clue what to buy a three year old present wise (no help for when other people asked me what he wanted)!

My mother and I made a construction cake on the Thursday before his birthday.  He had requested this, which went surprisingly well, so I would highly recommend getting ideas from Pinterest!   I did most of the present shopping online this year which saved me going into town with children in tow, phew.  I even managed to find all the balloons and helium in a village shop, so no hassle and easy for a heavily pregnant mama!

On his actual birthday we went out for the day as a family, Gavin, the boys and I.  So I thought I would share our day with you: 

05.00: Gavin got up to do the morning jobs on the farm.
07.00: Both boys woke me up and came up to my bedroom for cuddles.
07.30: I got us all dressed and ready for the day.  Packing their bags for when we were out and a few picnic bits.  We headed downstairs to play whilst we waited for Gavin to come in.
08.30: Is the usual time we have breakfast and Gavin joined us as he had finished on the farm.
09.00:  Gavin joined us whilst we opened all the presents.  Then Gavin went to get showered and changed whilst the boys played with the toys.
10.30: We set off for Sundown Adventureland, which was an hour and a half journey for us.  
12.00: The day was horrendous, weather wise, but we braved it and went round all the different rides and areas.  Hamish had had a nap in the car so was fully awake and happy to be walking around, thankfully. 
15.00: We had a late lunch at the cafe on site, but wouldn’t recommend and then after meeting with Father Christmas it was time to head home.
17.00:  Both boys fell asleep on the car journey home which took two hours for some reason (Gavins driving) and then we went into Harrogate for our tea.  We chose to go to Cattleman’s which I haven’t been to for a long time.  It was fab and they were great with children.  
18.30: We came home straight after tea and let the boys play with all the new toys.  
20.00: Because both of the boys had had a nap in the car they went to bed later than normal, but the process was quick and easy – they must have been shattered from a busy day!
21.00: I then caught up on all the television programmes from the day before and relaxed (the night before had been busy preparing and wrapping).
22.30: We went to bed, which is gavin and I’s normal time.

We waited till the next day to enjoy the cake  with Gavin’s side of the family and to sing the ‘happy birthday’ song to Tobias.  Tobias had a fab birthday and now we all are getting super excited for Christmas and what the new year has to offer!

Much love

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