New Year, New Me for 2020

EBAF36B4-D50E-48B8-95D4-7BDE96FC1579It’s always good to reflect on the past year and think about the future.  What better time than at the beginning of a new year and a new decade!  So last year I set myself some goals to try achieve, some we did and some not. I thought I would take this opportunity to have a look:

  1. I would like to go on “date nights” with Gavin – this did not happen on a monthly basis like planned into the diary but we did get out a few times in the year.  Also looking forward we may have a newborn  dry soon so this again won’t happen much in 2020 (not without a tag along anyways)! 
  2. I would like to get out into the countryside more, such as going for walks or exploring new places we haven’t been before -this happened the list keeps being crossed off and added to when I see inspiration and we love exploring our little area! 
  3. I would like to get away this year with my family – this also happened in 2019 and we have planned weeks away for 2020 as well – March or May depending on baby and again in October sometime.  
  4. I hope to get my life in order this year. I guess this is all around my organisation such as sorting out my whole life, including meal planning, scheduling, outfits, jobs to do that day and cleaning.  Along with the boys routine too (which is currently ever changing on a daily basis) – I feel like this is a never ending goal and will be forever changing so let’s just leave it as it is! 
  5. Fitness – surprise, surprise! It’s on my list again.  I’ll hopefully be signed off and ready to start working out in the spring of 2020.  My aim is to lose the baby weight plus 2 stone, wish me luck!  Fitness is my way to get away from the stresses of day to day and get motivated to just do life! 
  6. House – as always (and I’m sure you’ve realised) there’s plenty of jobs to get on with around the house so I’m making it my mission to complete a couple of rooms/areas this year.  The hallway and the kitchen to finish off. 
  7. Baby – obviously I had to put this on my list, the baby is very imminent now so most of my focus will go on feeding and just getting through each day with three.  As the year progresses this will hopefully change and I’ll get a little more time with the older ones too, it’s all about balance and survival! 
  8. Finally, I would like to grow my blog spot and make more of an effort to get good content out there, that people would like to read – I hope you, as the reader,  have enjoyed reading this page of my’n over the past year, I’ve got plenty of content planned for 2020 too!

Much love

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