Major Toy Cull

34CBA2FD-0C27-482E-BB28-1947113FE80CI’ve only gone and done it!  I’ve been threatening for a while now but I bit the bullet and threw away the crap!  It’s bold, it’s brave and I hope my children can learn from this in the future. 

The reason.  I got sick of all the toys coming out in the morning, no floor space showing and everything becoming a trip hazard for me and the children.  They were never tidied up unless I got angry and onto my hands and knees to help – I don’t even play with them, neither did the kids to be honest!  I think it was a case of too many toys, too over whelming.  Or maybe they only ever did like the trucks or tractors and that’s all they would play with in the end. 207DD1F2-5201-49B4-BA8E-1E9EFF7A9BCF So my plan was to be ruthless, anything that was broken or missing parts went in the bin immediately – even if they were played with, I was sick of being asked to fix them constantly.  I then gave all the plastic toys to charity.  I say ALL but I don’t mean everything, just the toys the boys had grown out of or have never been interested in.  This halved the toy box and the lid was finally able to be closed!  I’ve kept a few of their favourite plastic toys, like the paw patrol collection and a few vehicles that they like to use regularly.

My idea is less toys means more interaction, I’ve tried to keep the educational learning toys, the role play toys and toys that promote playing together.  I kept all the wooden toys as these type of toys last and don’t (often) make noises (lol)!  I’ve also recently found a new type of durable toy made from recyclable plastic, the company I was introduced to was the green toy company and there toys are all sustainable  don’t cut corners by using glue, metal, screws or paint and they’re chunky, meaning they don’t break easily. BD0A13A0-4C24-4D23-9AF0-5E7B451DC447

Moving forward, any presents or just general toys I’m going to purchase for my children will be minimal, as I feel every birthday and especially at Christmas time I go crazy with the ‘things’ to open.  I also will take the time to research what would be a good investment and lastly I will ask the children what they would like and consider that into the mix too.  

I’m always on the lookout for new play ideas or toys that don’t fall into the ‘must have quick fashion’  downfall, that I’ve kept been drawn into.  Please feel free to share any of your toy or play ideas with me as I would love to hear them. 

Much love


  1. Brilliant idea, we used to rotate the toys by keeping them in big stacking boxes and then swapping them over every couple of weeks. One year we built a toy house on stilts in orchard alongside our home and the farm entrance, boys threw every toy out into the lane and husband ran them over before he realised what they were, boys never did that again with their toys.

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