Review of Morrck Blanket

Brief Start/First Impressions
It’s cold, it’s that time of year!  I am sure many parents stress over keeping their children warm when out and about and also in the car.  I have wanted to try a Morrck blanket since Tobias (my first) was a newborn but I couldn’t justify the price, however this time I didn’t need to buy as many things so I splurged out! 

Made from one layer of super soft anti-pil fleece and one layers of 100% cotton jersey, the All-Season Baby Hoodie is universally useful for all car seats and pushchairs, across all seasons of weather.  Washes at 40˚ and can be tumble dried on a cool setting.

Features and Benefits
It’s common knowledge that coats, pram suits, snowsuits and thick jackets are not safe to use in a car seat.  This is due to the extra padding meaning the seat belt isn’t providing satisfactory safety for your little one.  The other reason is due t9 over heating.   

The Morrck blanket has easily adjustable holes that fit any car seat harness easily by threading through the seat belt parts.  It keeps your baby super snuggly and comes in many different colour options and sizes, 0-6 months, 5-18 months and 18 months – 4 years.

Easily washable
Different colour options
Different sizes 
Quick and easy travelling
Safety, peace of mind 
Snuggly for baby 
Great quality 

The price
I have read that when baby is bigger it can kick the blanket off it’s legs (time will tell) 

Overall Feedback 
I can personally recommend this product.  It’s expensive but a fab investment, especially for the colder months, it’s easy to fold around your baby and your no5 having to wake them up to wrap a blanket around them etc.  

Much love
Rebecca 563269A3-FC61-44A3-BF23-A55F0A34F6B6

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