Growth Spurts for Babies

18A949F8-A416-4B56-9D43-FBB2A04A2C00All babies go through growth spurts and it’s nice to know your not alone when they are occurring.  There’s an app, called The Wonder Weeks which stipulates when you should expect each of the phases and explains what your babies development will be once they have undergone the growth spurt.  Now, I don’t like the app (my own opinion) but I do have it for reassurance, so if I’m struggling I can look at the app and know we’re just going through a phase that won’t last long or there may be something more sinister like an infection that I need to go to the GP about.

During a growth spurt, babies will feed more often than usual (sometimes as often as every hour) and often act fussier than usual, it is only temporary but feels like a life time whilst going through that stage. Physical growth includes learning to roll over, crawling, walking or talking.  But it can also be a growth spurt that you may not see, such as your babies brain growing and learning.  

Growth spurts are usually based on your babies due date and not there actual date of birth.  However, this being said it’s only an approximate when your baby may have a growth spurt.  There is a growth spurt usually between 2-5 days old (especially with breastfed babies) due to the mothers milk coming in.  Then 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months (the dreaded sleep regression), 6 months and 9 months.  Growth spurts usually last 2-3 days, but can last up to a week.  The only stage that differs dramatically is during the sleep regression, that can last for months (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, new parents).    

I can honestly say each stage is challenging and it’s about finding the best way for you to deal/ help hound your baby during the time.  Foremost you have to follow your babies lead. Baby will automatically get more milk by feeding  more regularly.  But it’s more about you keeping yourself sane and getting that much needed sleep when required.  Rely on others and don’t be afraid to ask for help.   So if someone offers to cook you a meal, take it!  If I’m struggling I’ll call my mother and get her to look after the boys whilst I have a nap.  Or I’ll demand Gavin let’s me have a RELAXING shower when he gets in from work.  Most importantly, always have friends that you can just text and have a moan to when needed! 

The main thing to take away from this is, it’s natural for babies to be more fussy.  It’s always a comfort to know that your not alone and your baby is just doing what they should be doing – so download the app for reassurance.  Finally, make sure you take care of yourself too during these harder times and keep reminding yourself it’s not forever.   

Much love

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