Sibling Updates

242BE37B-27F8-4B6F-A3CE-9468C2AD86C2It has been a long time since I did an update for either Tobias (three years old) or Hamish (eighteen months old).  So I thought I would take the time now to jot down some milestones, personality and behaviours of them both.

Let’s start with Hamish, as expected when a baby/ child gets to a year old the milestones sow down.  This is because they’re brains are growing and children are focusing on learning to communicate, instead of physical abilities.

Hamish’s routine has changed considerably since he turned a year old as he now only has one nap a day,  it’s usually straight after lunch and lasts for two hours. He wakes up between 6.30-7am.  We all eat breakfast at 8am and lunch is at 12.30pm. He then will nap from 1pm. Dinner is usually around 5pm and then bedtime is between 7-7.30pm.

A1568311-3A10-4442-B025-AAD8554E227DAs Hamish has gotten older, I’ve noticed he has definitely become a lot pickier about food, its not a concern to me, he just knows what he likes and what he hates now. He doesn’t have any milk anymore (as in bottles of milk).  He continues to prefer to use his hands for feeding himself but has learnt how to use a spoon (it’s not brilliant though – we’re currently working on it).  

Hamish is still wearing his one to one and a half year old clothing and is in size five nappies, however everything is a little snug on him so come spring, he’ll be getting a new wardrobe. Whilst on the subject of clothing, Hamish has started taking off pieces of clothing by himself, like his socks and tops. He also bings his shoes, hat and coat to me and tries to put them on.

Hamish loves books and reading and always has to turn the pages otherwise we get a meltdown!  I try to get him to point to objects on the page and his understanding is fab,he just can’t say the words.  Talking about speech, it still isn’t superb, but I’ve learnt from his older brother to not worry about it too much – Tobias was slow to start. It now you can’t shut him up!  He loves music and always dances when he hears it, he can also do the actions to some nursery rhymes (baa baa black sheep is his favourite).  He can respond to requests (like close the door) and he shakes his head to say yes or no!  He has started to make animal noises (although I think I’d be the only one able to understand).  His movement becomes stronger each day, he easily climbs up and down stairs and all the furniture in the house, he also walks backwards with ease. I feel like I’m telling him to get down, all time (to which he ignores, every time)!  His hand movements are getting more intricate now, he can use a pen or crayon to scribble and he brushes his teeth with help.  He initiates games now, like throwing or kicking a ball or asking to be pushed when riding his toys and he pushes or pulls toys along the floor whilst he’s walking.  Finally, he “helps” around the house, he loves to using the duster.

One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in Hamish’s development has been his personality. As a baby he was very emotional and that seems to be continuing into the toddler stage, what with the tantrums starting (throwing himself on the floor or point blank refusing to acknowledge me).  He isn’t very confident which is completely different to his older brother, but Hamish does like to follow his brother once he knows it’s ok.  This being said he is a very kind, loving, affectionate and gentle being.  He’s got a very cheeky smile and knows when he’s doing something wrong but still likes to test his limits.

That’s all I could think of for now. Nursery is going well finally, he isn’t too fussed when I leave him now and he certainly loves his time there and it’s great to see his social skills developing because of going.

So let’s go on to talk about Tobias, I think in the nicest way possible some days are just disasters. I feel like I’ve shouted all day at him. By bed time I feel exhausted and usually have a headache.  But if this happens, I really try to get to bed early so that I can start afresh the next day.

Tobias’ routine has changed again.  He no longer naps at all (which proves hard some days).  He wakes up between 7-7.30pm.  Again, we all eat breakfast at 8am and lunch is at 12.30pm, dinner is usually around 5pm and then bedtime is between 7-7.30pm.   Tobias does have to be coaxed into trying foods.  He certainly puts up a fight and it’s always about bargaining with him!  He still prefers to use his hands for feeding himself but has learnt how to use a for, knife and spoon.  Tobias is still wearing two three year old clothing and only wears nappies at night, however his tops are snug on him so come spring, he’ll be getting a few new items for his wardrobe.  

4799E277-997D-4BF7-88A6-256178D38C96I have taken to whispering when I want Tobias’ attention, it seems to intrigue him!  Tobias has recently started crying in his sleep, after reading about this it’s normal for his age and it’s called night terrors.  It’s difficult to wake him in the middle of a night terrors so I tend to stay with him, stroking his back to make sure he feels safe.  Tobias continues to be very confident and boisterous, loves meeting new people and very rarely scared of anything.

Tobias is now in the big group at nursery,  most of his peers are older and he seems to revel in this, portraying himself as a good little lad when out and about (thankfully)!  

So that’s where we’re at currently, let’s see how they change over the next couple of months and now they have a younger brother, Seth, I imagine things will change again!

Much love

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