Mumma Milestones

8B242D26-A5B0-426A-9558-75B6F2A81533You can fill a baby book with all the “firsts” for your child (first smile. words, steps etc).  But why on earth isn’t there a parents first book!  Parents are made from all the  accidents they’ve had to deal with, as well as the near misses, scares, all-nighters and most importantly the radical changes to their outlook.  So I thought I would jot down a few of my most noted achievements/ milestones! 

The changing bag becomes your new purse
My first changing bag wasnt large enough, at all! Pre-babies, I carried everything I needed in life (car keys, credit cards/ money and my phone) in a clever little purse. Then I had a baby, which needed nappies, wipes, changing mat, muslins, changes of clothes, a blanket, first aid kit, etc!  In that instant I made the transition. I was a mom and that meant I had to carry my whole world around with me from then on! 

Mastered juggling 
This milestone comes soon after you become a parent. Once upon a time, I would be able to come down the stairs just carrying my phone.  Today for example, I carried the baby in the sling, a basket of laundry, two drinks, my phone, the baby monitor,  both older boys teddy’s that they had brought to my bed and then Hamish decided he couldn’t possibly walk and had to hold my hand down the stairs!  It doesn’t just happen in a morning, down the stairs either!  Whilst out shopping I end up carrying two bags of groceries, one changing bag, the baby in a car seat and then the receipts are wedged into my mouth!  I think that’s pretty impressive. All of this is just practice for the next few years that are yet to come.

First bad scare 
There’s so many scares and never will I divulge what my’n have been, as it scares me now to think about it!  But be warned, sooner or later you will experience something that gives you the chills!  No matter how careful you are or how much time you spend baby proofing your house, your child will find opportunities to scare you blind.

Understanding Isofix and the car seat 
One day a university will offer a degree in car seat installation but until that time, we parents are on our own. Car seats, their care and installation, their weight limit and directional regulations, are probably one of the most discussed conversations amongst me and my parent friends (Along with, how little sleep we’re getting).  At some point you’ll devise a way of putting the car seat into the car that seems safe, but you’ll continue to have nagging doubts that maybe it’s not from then on.

Breastfeeding in Public
Modesty, that’s my main problem when feeding out and about.  It’s not because other people get embarrassed, it’s me I don’t want people seeing all my wobbly bits and humongous boobs!  I’ve never had negativity about feeding in public, only ever experienced it from family (surprisingly). But I am pretty positive from sitting still watching the world go by for 20 minutes here and there that actually, nobody’s really looking anyway! BB3A57E3-3ABD-4D90-B5CE-7BD4E8674A61

Going out solo 
Sooner or later you’re going to hand your baby over to somebody else and leave them.  I dreamt of this moment, but when it happens it’s horrid!  All you can think about is what that baby is doing!  But just remember, you need some you time too!  

First time your given artwork 
Sure it’s just scribbles on paper, but your toddler hands it to you with a grin on their face and you know you’re going to keep it forever. Little do you realise that there isn’t enough space in the house to display, the rest that you will inevitably accept!

Pre-pregnancy clothes  
Don’t hold your breath for this particular milestone. It may not happen for many months, or in my case, years! Its just signifying that you’re still you. So congratulations, mumma when it does finally happen!  The other one that fits into this category is putting back on the underwired bra, I’m still to achieve this – maybe 2021 might be my year!   

First Year
Everybody will give all of the credit to your baby for just turning one year old. Take a moment to realise that that baby couldn’t have done it without you, quite literally!  You just survived an entire year of nappy changes, being sicked on, had food spat at you, dealt with tantrums, taught them how to roll, sit, crawl and maybe walk!  All that and your sanity is still (mostly) intact. Good job, and I think that deserves a little credit and a huge round of applause! 

First full nights sleep 
Is there anything more blissful than waking up after having six or more hours of uninterrupted sleep!  I don’t know, I’ve had a handful of these episodes in the last four years!  However long you have to wait for this, the first time it happens, you will wake up and rush to see if your baby is still breathing!

An Unaccompanied Bathroom Break
This must happen when they become teenagers, as I can see this event being a family visit every time I go for a few more years yet!  It’s one of the most taken-for-granted events in life (in my opinion)!  

OK, so I get that at the time these milestones are real and un-funny, but in later life you will look back and laugh hysterically, especially when your own children are going through the same things (just like my mother does now)!  At least these remind you that the pain is just normal and all parents go through it.  It’s parenthood at its finest, after all!

Much love 
Rebecca 8DE51B47-5A5F-4B37-A85D-699FB56A4DB7

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