Recent Events – February 2020

AF40BAD1-9533-4755-8E72-4A84B927FBF0This year especially, seems to be a whirlwind.  January went slow and was infuriating waiting for baby Seth to arrive.  But then February came in a flash and it’s always a busy month for us.  Christmas seems a distant memory, however in some ways I’m already planning for Christmas 2020 and beyond!

Gavin celebrated his birthday in February. Tobias had made a beautiful card for Gavin at nursery that day and Hamish and I baked some goodies for him too.  Because Seth was still too young we didn’t venture out or celebrate with a party, I just cooked a lovely meal ]for us both.  

Valentine’s Day went by in a flash (as it always does)  and we did the old Marks and Spencer’s meal deal!  To be fair, it was delicious, a Camembert starter, steak with three sides and a chocolate dessert with a bottle (non alcoholic). We didn’t even exchange cards or chocolates this year, but I did buy myself a bunch of red roses! 

It was also Pancake Day recently, and not one to disappoint I kept up with my ‘created’ tradition of forgetting about it, until the last minute.  Luckily I had all the necessary ingredients, in stock, so I made mini versions for the boys on a pan I got for Christmas, served with golden syrup and fruit.  Both boys loved them this year! 

Finally, I’ve started investing my time into getting back into shape (or at least as much as possible, with a young baby and two others to arrange childcare for)!  After looking into many different baby friendly classes I’ve decided to go with the gym option this time and hire a PT on a regular basis, to keep me on track.  This way I can go when it’s convenient and Gavin isn’t pressured into finishing work at a certain time etc.  So the plan is three times a week going to the gym for an hour, to do some cardio and weights/ strength training.  Teaming this with healthier eating and watching my snack/ fizzy drink intake – I’m starting to lose some weight already!

I’m looking forward to a quieter month in March, it’s mothers day towards the end, we need to get the boys hair cut and I’m needing to start buying the boys spring/summer clothes but other than that not much else!

Much love

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