Seths Two Month Update

Just like that Seth is two months and this is our new, normal life! However, it’s not quite normal at the moment, due to the Coronavirus and us self isolating ourselves from the rest of the world.  Its been fabulous to watch Seth transform from a newborn into a more sturdy baby.  Im wanting to book onto some classes for Seth once he turns three months old, just like I did with my two previous sons, but with the current situation I don’t know what to do.

Seth has certainly mastered some new milestones and keeps improving every day. He is able to lift his head for longer periods of time and seems to be more sturdy when holding his head up (not so wobbly anymore). He doesn’t overly love his tummy time sessions so they are kept short, usually about 5-10 minutes at a time, he spends more time in my arms, being carried around and he’s able to support his head in that way instead. He now follows objects and voices with his head and eyes, he definitely recognises Gavin and I’s voices. He giggles and coos on a regular basis, which melts my heart to hear. He is a big grumbler though and likes nothing more than a good cry when he isn’t being held or entertained! But on the flip side he is smiling responsively at people now so he must be enjoying some parts of his day.

Week five – we celebrated Seth turning a month old this week.  We visited a farm shop, went to a petting farm with friends and Seth had another weigh in with the health visitor (where he weighed 9lb 1oz).  Seth still had baby acne at this point and seemed to be dealing with a lot of wind, so he was mainly in the sling or carrier as he loved and still does love being close to his mumma! 

Week six – I think Seth started with a growth spurt this week, Seth seemed to feed constantly, during the growth spurt!  Unfortunately he still kept bringing sick up after feeds but wasn’t affected by it and didn’t seem as irritable. We went shopping in Knaresborough on the Wednesday whilst Seths brothers were at nursery and on the Thursday, Seth hadn’t slept much so we took some time out and went for a walk in the carrier.  We also went to soft play with daddy this weekend and saw all the new baby lambs.  Finally, on the Monday we went for Seths first food shopping experience, which he did really well and slept the whole way through! 

Week seven – I had the full bedtime routine to do on my own on the Monday night, this week, with all three children as Gavin was out, it went well thankfully!  Seth and I have been busy with our final meeting with the health visitor.  I also took all three out on my own to see all my mummy friends this week as-well as going for walks around the local village and doing some DIY at home.  Seth doesn’t cry inconsolably at night anymore, but it does seem to last all day instead. 

Week eight – this week was the week everything changed in the UK and we decided to start self quarantine due to Coronavirus.  Seth did have his check up with the doctors, where I fought up about his unhappiness and she prescribed baby gaviscon which definitely helped with Seths tummy, so it must have been reflux. 

Much love

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