Hamish in Nursery

Hamish started nursery in October 2019, the same one that Tobias goes too, he had two trial days in September, then we went on holiday and after we came back he officially started.  Tobias now goes three mornings a week, whist Hamish is there for two mornings a week.  Just like with Tobias, I wanted Hamish to be over a year old when he started but I also wanted him to have started and settled into the routine before baby number three appeared.  

The nursery has fantastic facilities and the staff are all really lovely and super kind.  Hamish gets lots of cuddles when he arrives, which helped to make him feel comfortable in the beginning.  Just like Tobias, Hamish started with big wobbles when I left, but he soon got used to the idea of being left there, a lot quicker than his older brother did.  The main reason I like my children to go to nursery is for the socialising aspect and this also helps them to develop in other areas too, like communication.  It’s got to aid and be more enjoyable for little ones to be around others their own age.  The best part is that it gives Hamish a bit of time to shine on his own, he’s not in the shadow of his brother being louder and more vocal and his needs are met fully instead of waiting for his turn against his siblings. 

One of the best parts apart the nursery is that they have an online app, this is updated as the day goes on, in real time.  It shows all the information regarding his sleep patterns, eating habits, nappy changes and what he gets up to play wise, there’s always pictures where I can see him smiling and enjoying himself!

Hamish is slowly learning how to share, which is an imperative life skill that he will need throughout his life. He gets to do activities that I wouldn’t normally do with him, such as crafting, bathing dolls and role play. I think it’s fab that I can turn up in the morning and ask for a card to be made for a birthday or special occasion and they will do that with him.  Every time he comes home, he is knackered so I know he’s done a lot when he’s been there and been fully stimulated.  We’re still working on the length of his nap time, as he struggles on nursery days to have a full nights sleep.

It’s only since we’ve self isolated that I’ve realised how much I miss nursery, it brings structure to all of our days and the week too. I can’t say how much I now appreciate that break from the two older children, even if it is just for a couple of hours, where I can have some downtime to recharge and enjoy Seth on his own.  You don’t realise how much you need and rely on something until it’s gone.  

Much love

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