Recent Events – Spring 2020

What a difference a year makes! Mother’s Day 2019, I was a mother of two unbeknown to me I would be getting pregnant and have another little boy by Mother’s Day 2020!  Then again, what a difference a couple of months make, we all started this year ‘free’ and able to go where we please, now , due to Coronavirus, we’re staying indoors and only going out for essentials, unless we’re key workers, and then those people feel like they’re heading out to a war zone.

Mother’s Day this year should have been a meal out at Keelham Farm Shop near Skipton.  It was all booked, cancelled at the last minute and then the week after was officially when everyone was told to stay in by the PM.  So to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, it was a normal day for us with a few little extras to the current norm.  I received handpicked daffodils, some cards and presents from both boys made at nursery and I’m still waiting for the personalised Cornish mug that Gavin purchased for me (I’m guessing the postman has it in lockdown)!  But do you know what, it might have not been as flash as I was expecting but overall, I couldn’t have been more chuffed and felt very loved by the end of the day and really that’s what it’s all about!

April Fools Day passed us by without anything happening and I’m glad.  Due to the current situation we are all finding ourselves in I certainly wasn’t in the mood for any shenanigans so I thankfully avoided any April fools this year! I can hear you now – ‘moody’ or ‘boring’!

On a very plus side, Easter 2020 was the best so far!  Obviously it’s a big change as we now have three boys to entertain, but with Coronavirus making us stay in I wanted to make a little more effort than our usual activity.  We normally go for a walk to the ducks then enjoy a picnic and share Easter eggs, I try to get to the church service on the Sunday and that’s about it.  This year was still a lot of family time but trying to create some activities (like at Christmas time) so the boys can have memories and I’ve enjoyed myself so much I’m going to make this our new family traditions.  

On the Thursday we baked our Easter goodies for the weekend, Chocolate cornflake nests, but I forgot to buy mini eggs to go on the top, luckily my mother in law was able to pick some up for us to use to decorate. 

On Good Friday, after breakfast we went down to our woods and picked a branch to hang in our kitchen and decorate for our Easter tree this year.  Gavin then worked the rest of the day in the field, making cow tracks as the cows are going out into the fields this year.  As a treat, I surprised him by taking a picnic up to the fields for us all to enjoy together. 

On the Saturday, whilst I helped the boys decorate their Easter baskets, Gavin was out in the garden hiding chocolate mini rabbits for our Easter ‘egg’ hunt.  The boys loved looking for the eggs and as a prize at the end they got an Easter egg each.  However I made the fatal error of buying one Peppa Pig and one Paw Patrol for them and they both wanted the same one in the end! We also went on a walk around our farm and whilst we were out we picked some daffodils to decorate our kitchen with. 

On Easter Sunday itself, I started the morning with watching the church service conducted by our local vicar, for that week, it was virtually done through Facebook live.  It’s only a snippet of the full service but it was nice to just remember and remind myself why I celebrate Easter.  After getting ready for the day and having breakfast we then had an egg and spoon race outside where Gavin and I helped out! I prepped the food for the evenings meal and then afterwards we made ear hats from cardboard we had lying around the house.  We ended the day by having a lamb roast for our evening meal, I just wish we had outside furniture so we could have enjoyed the view at the same time (it’s on order, but won’t be delivered till June 2020 due to the Coronavirus).  

Finally on the bank holiday Monday we had a quiet day at home where we painted some egg pictures and then spent most of the day out in the garden, pottering about!

Overall I’m really happy how much the current isolation is making us have to spend time together.  It’s even better that due to not being allowed out for non essential items we’ve had to get creative with what’s to hand at home. I do understand that we are a lot. Ore lucky than others at this time, due to not losing all our freedom of being able to go outside.  This has certainly been one of my favourite holidays and I’m making it our family tradition from now on.  Appreciate the small things and then the bigger ones will make you ecstatic. 

Much love

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