Review of White Noise Products

30E0C9DF-87F8-481D-B67F-D2E607DCF3FAA while ago i did a review on the Slumber Buddies, Luna the Lamb.  Since then we bought another slumber buddy, Eddie the Elephant, for Hamish and he loves his too!  But for Seth, I wanted to try something new, so purchased two different products and I wanted to talk about them in this post. 

First of all I bought The Pabobo Calm Ocean Musical Projector from mamas and papas.  I used this throughout pregnancy to create a calming atmosphere for myself and so the baby could hopefully hear it and recognise the noises once born.  This beautiful projector has two pre-set sleep cycles which have individual rhythms and light effects to encourage soothing and eventually lull to sleep.

4F6E9C09-38B6-4028-A9B6-802CBDBB9E39Another feature of the Pabobo Calm Ocean Projector is the Baby Cry Sensor. This automatically turns the ambiance projector back on if baby cries during the night. The sounds are of a soothing wave noise with background white noise.  The images of waves and fish are like a marine setting on your ceiling, it captivates Seths attentions and my own.  The cover is machine washable and the projector doesn’t heat up as it has a cold LED, it’s run from batteries that do need changing on a regular basis, I think this is because it’s set to 30 minutes of on time and I like it on after each night feed!

Overall, I do like it and I find it easy to sleep when it’s on.  I would recommend as it has a great combination of features and is more versatile than a cot mobile  it is a nice way of comforting baby or to use as a distraction for a while.  This ‘white noise’ machine is bois for both parent and child, the projector is mesmerising for all my children and the calming sea are relaxing parents, especially during newborn life!  

FF8D783C-4E1C-4CCB-A37F-A4135BC23E33The other product I wanted to talk about was the MyHummy bears.  These unique toys have five different types of sound: white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat, which has been shown to improve babies’ sleep.  They have a twelve hour non-stop mode – for those babies who need constant white noise to stay asleep (this is Seth during day time naps)!  The MyHummy bears have a built in sleep sensor that comes on if baby starts to stir or if there is background noise, the noise fades out after an hour.  They are machine washable (after removing the sound heart), the device needs 3xAAA batteries (not provided) and was really easy to set up.  Also, with every myHummy Baby Bear purchased, you receive a handy teether / cot attachment as a gift!

The first thing I would say is that the myHummy isn’t a magic bullet. If you have a very overtired and upset baby it is not going to settle them to sleep from that state.  It actually makes a massive difference when I am trying to settle Seth when he is crying though.  I would say the big negative on this product is the price tag, I was happy to splurge on my third child as I didn’t have all the other pricey items to buy this time round.  But essentially I really do think it helps babies to sleep as part of a routine.

Much love

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