Seths Three Month Update

1C51F6E2-1D1B-4D74-B504-848FF935D015It’s like Seth has always been around, he’s fully settled into our family now and he’s a joy to have (even when he’s screaming for no reason). I sure hope Tobias and Hamish feel the same way! This month we have just been surviving life in lockdown and watching all three boys grow.

Seth has mastered new milestones this month and has developed a strong neck, he doesn’t like to lie down anymore and would rather sit on your knee, facing outwards, to look at what’s going on. If he is doing tummy time he’s trying to do mini push ups to look around his surroundings.  He loves the noise machine on his play gym and watches the light projector intently.  He has become a big dribbler and blows bubbles constantly, he also likes sucking on his hand even when he isn’t hungry, which is confusing, but I think his gums are getting ready for his first teeth to come through. He knows who I am and knows that I’m the food giver but he also knows Gavin now and smiles whenever he hears his voice, he probably thinks “here’s the fun guy”.  In fact he’s a big smiler and the giggles he makes, melt me every time!  Finally, he has started reaching out for objects, batting toys and holding things, which is a huge step forward.

F8E6BA7A-64D7-4C92-BE85-0760275257C0Week nine – Seth changed again, new features appearing and a personality, he’s filling out and losing that newborn-ness already.  This time with Seth is so demanding but equally so rewarding and I love him a little more each day.  Even in these uncertain times he’s helping keep me grounded – as are both his brothers.  This week was on stand still due to social distancing, some days have felt like Groundhog Day but that doesn’t matter as we’ve got lots of jobs around the house done.  Seth had his first jabs this week and handled them with ease, showing no signs of discomfort or illness.  This week we also celebrated a birthday, a wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day.

Week ten – was the same every day!  We were (and still are) in complete isolation, only going off the farm when we need food.  We went on walks around the farm every day and I feel like we saw every different weather that exists.  Seths sleep needs assessing and nap timings, as it’s all over the place, I blamed it on the clock changes (any excuse will do)!

Week eleven – Seth shows us how strong hes getting, every day. Able to support his own head fully and being less wobbly in general.  He can support his own weight on his little legs and is able to concentrate for longer than ten minutes when laying on his play mat.  The cradle cap arrived this week, but didn’t seem to bother him.  Seth struggles to sleep through the day but can sleep for seven hours straight through the night (8pm – 3am). 

17827FC7-E935-44E8-BA26-B917DA759027Week twelve – three months old, that flew by and this was also the fourth week of lockdown!  It’s been Easter and we did lots of activities over the four day weekend, including working on the garden!  We’re halfway to starting weaning already, one month to go until the sleep regression and possibly six months before Seth start moving and the craziness all starts, it’s all going too fast!  

Although Seth is an awesome sleeper at night, he is shocking through the day and I do want to establish a full routine with him, but don’t think I’ll be able to put anything into practise until the other two boys are back at nursery.  I do think I need to start on a more structured bedtime and get him to go to bed earlier, so I’m going to start working on this next month.  I’ve had a look back at previous routines I’ve used, so I will work towards something like this:

  • 5.30pm feed
  • 6pm – bath time
  • 6.20pm – dressed into night clothes
  • 7pm – brothers put to bed
  • 7.40pm – book
  • 7.45pm – feed and then rocked until half asleep
  • 8pm (ish) – put down in his crib.

Much love

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