Review of Mini Micro Scooter

508831C8-CBF9-47D4-8BFC-4A39D1346D9FWhenever we visit local parks or go on holiday to Center Parks, I can’t believe how many scooters we see, there’s a vast variety out on the market but the one that I see time and time again is the brand, Micro Scooter.  They’re everywhere! For Christmas I decided as Tobias and Hamish’s main presents I would invest in a scooter for each of them, Tobias had been pestering for one for a while but the cost had put us off. 

The size of the range and the fact that it grew with your child was a massive selling point for me.  There’s lots of different colours and ways to customise your scooter with lights, bells, tassels, baskets, bags and bottle holders. I also love how weightless they are – they’re designed so that children can lift and carry them (or in my case, throw it over the pushchair)!

The steering on the Mini Micro Scooter turns when the child leans in the direction they want to go in, which can be hard to master, but the Mini Micro Scooter is labelled as being suitable for ages one to five years old, so maybe it’s just me!  The company says the scooter is suitable for emerging walkers and will see them through to their first days at school. It works in 3 stages;

  1. At ages 1-2, children use the scooter with the adjustable seat (turning the three wheel scooter into a stable ride on toy)
  2. At ages 2-3, children use the scooter with the easy to grip toddler handle
  3. At ages 3-5, children use the scooter as a traditional scooterEAC85E85-861C-49F8-941E-E6530501C347

The deck, brakes and wheels of the scooter are made from a tough plastic, with the handles made from metal with rubber grips. There is plenty of grip on the deck of the scooter to stop kids losing their footing in wet weather, and the scooter seems to be tough enough to cope with the challenges a toddler will throw at it (quite literally thrown by Tobias)!

Tobias finds it really easy to move around by himself on the scooter and will stand on it for long period of time, happily pushing himself along.  The handle is fully height adjustable so he doesn’t have to hunch over to reach the handle bars, which makes the ride very comfortable. Hamish has the seat version and is quite content whilst Gavin or I push with the handle bar that is supplied and attached to the back of the seat – be warned the pushers handle bar is very sensitive and moves at every flick of the wrist so be careful – PPE is a must! 

Both are well-made, tough scooters that are easy to use, intuitive to steer, and easily store for transporting. The Mini Micro is super fun, smart and attractive. They seem like good value to me that will grow with your child.  There are other, cheaper scooters out on the market but I find it hard to believe that they could equal the micro scooter brand in terms of quality, versatility and the great ride experience.

Much love
Rebecca A52036B3-EB27-485E-9BCB-C445313D5515

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