Seths Baby Items I Love & Hate

7BD2C8FF-65F7-4F5A-ABC2-AFE8C1A027A3When you have a new baby there are so many baby products that people say you need to buy and so many lists of baby essentials that it can become overwhelming.  Some items are nice to have and as I’ve got most of the big items I was able to splurge this time round.  So I’ve come up with my own list of the best and the worst baby products I’ve purchased or already have.  Now some of them are based on Seths reaction and some are my own opinion.  I’ll start with the best baby products we have.

Snuzpod & Sleepyhead
We’ve loved the snuzpod since Tobias, they are made from wood and go with our home style perfectly.  They have a side that can be taken down to make it into a next to me crib for easy feeding and baby doesn’t grow out of it too fast.  The sleepyhead was an investment when I had Hamish and yes it works!  My only concern and will always be a concern – the cost and when it comes to moving your child out of it how will they cope.

Shnuggle Bath 
I LOVE this product -it’s easily picked up and moveable.  The bath is supposed to fit baby for their first year of life but what’s most important to me is baby is safe in his own area so I can bath all three at the same time knowing that the chaos caused from the two older boys isn’t affecting Seths bath time fun. 28B7958C-5773-4AFA-83DF-9F7432D2D583 Mamas & Papas Sound Playmat
I got my playmat (when I first had Hamish) second hand from someone I used to work with when and I would highly recommend it.  It mesmerises Seth and can keep him occupied whilst I do chores around the house.  I can’t leave him on his own though as his brothers like to join in!  I also store all his sensory toys on there and they’re a great way of interacting with Seth, the different colours, textures and noises help to heighten his senses.4C188FFF-9569-4416-9402-474AB4D906D4Love to Dream Swaddles 
These are perfect for Seth, they keep him tightly swaddled so he feels secure but let’s him have his hands in an upward position, just how he likes it.  I have a few now in my stash and have washed them many times with no problems at all – I dread the day he grows out of them. 8B616527-1AD1-4139-838E-9975AAA2D6A7Tommee Tippee Forehead Thermometer & Bath Thermometer
I currently use a duck with the boys bath, but the numbers can be misread as it isn’t a digital one, the Tommee Tippee thermometer is quick at readings and simple to use.  Just like the forehead thermometer – it’s infrared so doesn’t actually have to touch babies skin directly and gives a reading in seconds, I’m really glad I made both these purchases this time round.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
Seth loves to be held close, it helps him sleep and made the early days easier when Seth had colic.  I like how easy it is to put baby into the carrier and the ability to put him fully down without unsettling him if he does fall asleep is an amazing idea.867F0897-C4B6-472D-A859-F0691F7F26D0

Summer Infant Baby Monitor 
This system gives you the ability to add cameras on, when and if you need to.  So I have one for each of the boys (I should invest in one for Gavin too)!  The cameras are in colour and are able to move around the room remotely from the monitor, 8 can also speak through the monitor into each of the rooms too.ECF4D625-8483-44FC-86DF-BD83C7E6C654Ocean Night Light
Even if this doesn’t work for Seth, it certainly works on me.  I’ve played it every night since I was pregnant and it has such a calming effect on me (and Gavin).  The music lasts half an hour but there is a function to turn back on when baby cries.  The blue waves and orange fish dance around my whole room, proving the projector is a strong one. E2B23363-C1E6-41CA-9D35-7870DA6F2B31

Changing Bag
Now I’ve had changing bags, expensive ones, cheap ones, non changing ones.  But this one from Ezgo Land has been built to work with parents in mind.  It’s easy to find everything you need. There’s pockets everywhere for quick access and the capacity it holds is phenomenal.F8BDA5E8-A891-48E9-8C5E-057129A1B675

Breast Therapy Pads  
These were a god send when I had mastitis, they can be used hot or cold and relieve pain.   If your using them warm, make sure you use the covers though!  I’ve also used them on other parts of my body – like when I had earache or a headache. E4A93EF8-B0D1-4803-92BD-7E2D15680160 Morrck Blanket
Again, this product was on my top five to buy this time round, the price had always put me off.  But since picking up and using this blanket – it’s proven every penny and it’s definitely worth it!  It’s soft, works with any car seat and makes travelling so much cosier and safer. 06EAD8E9-6D7A-40DB-971C-0690AE6BFE8A 

Now for the worst baby products we have tried;

Moses basket
It lasts for approx. six weeks of your newborns life as they outgrow them so quickly.  A Moses basket is a pretty piece and that’s about it, Tobias never slept in his and Seth didn’t either! 802EB93F-C2B4-4DB9-AE01-FFD15FAEE7A6

Swing & Bouncer 
Both items we have and both Seth isn’t happy about being in.  They’re both bulky items that mainly just sit there waiting to be used for ten minutes at a time.  Seth is a very huggy baby and needs to feel human contact at all times (I think it comes from his colic days)!

Double Pushchair 
Again, Seth only likes to be in my arms so when he’s put in the pushchair he gets fussy easily, meaning I’m usually just pushing Hamish around – one handed.  A baby carrier has come in a lot more useful with Seth. 2949870F-D3CD-4180-8426-BC653E9E3237

Ergobaby 360 baby carrier 
Since purchasing other brands it had come to my attention that the ergobaby isn’t comfortable for me.  I can’t put it on by myself and I feel like it’s pulling on my back when I’m wearing Seth. A061AF9A-8416-4048-B23B-E95DFB38A589

I wanted one of these when Hamish was a newborn but the expense put me off.  This time round it was my first purchase for baby number three.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it has no effect on Seth.  I have an app on my phone that does better, so the MyHummy is just not worth the money – it is a cute cuddle toy though!85596764-E218-4B44-9C53-35E92DED8B57

These worked a charm with Hamish but Seth hates to be swaddled.  Actually, he doesn’t hate swaddling, he hates his arms being swaddled, these do have the button holes on the arm area to be able to have his arms out but by the time I worked that out, he’d out grown them.FE889062-5471-4183-9034-86CA87A16A94

So there you have it my best and worst products for Seth, my third baby.  Now, these items may work for you and I would love to hear your thoughts on some of these items. 

Much love

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