Seths Four Month Update

It’s official, I no longer have a newborn and you can definitely tell, Seth is growing and changing every day.  As we haven’t been able to visit the health visitor, I don’t know how much he weighs exactly (I use my bathroom scales for a rough guide) but he’s definitely a big one!  The physical developments are coming through now, like sitting for short periods and rolling, but all I can think is the four month sleep regression is close and his milk intake will increase soon. His sleep pattern has changed (for the better) and he only wakes up once through the night, so he sleeps 7pm to 3.30am, feeds for half an hour and then goes straight back to sleep till 7am!  He doesn’t seem to have long naps though and I feel I can’t tackle this until I have his brothers back in their normal routine of going to nursery.  

He continues to reach those monthly milestones and impressing me every day with his new skills!  Seth has learnt to roll over, both front to back and vice versa! He’s a big smiler and all I have to do is look at him for one of his infamous grins from ear to ear.  He finds his reflection in the mirror interesting and stares at himself for long periods of time. He loves to splash in water and is ok when water goes over his head (the first of my children to be ok with that)!  He can now bear weight on his legs and sits in both the bouncer and baby walker with ease as he doesn’t rock around anymore.  Seth bats at hanging toys and can reach out and hold onto objects and he’s another chatterbox (just like his brothers) as he coos along when you talk to him.

Week thirteen – as we are in lockdown every day is the same, weekends merge into weekdays and not much changes to our daily routine.  Waking up, breakfast, out on the farm, lunchtime, naps for the boys, drinks time, jobs on the farm, tea, bath and bedtime. The only changes are when I go do the food shop or other small events like when Seth needed his 2nd lot of jabs, he dealt with them like a true champ and was non-the-wiser that it had happened as he slept the whole time!  

Week fourteen – this week the anomalies to our normal week were our first food delivery, which actually didn’t bring half the food we had ordered so we scrapped that idea and decided going forwards I would continue going out.  It was also my grandma’s birthday, so we sent her a video, by email, of the boys singing happy birthday. 

Week fifteen – again not much changed this week but I asked if we could join a virtual pub quiz and we loved it (We’ve been doing it every Friday since) and Seth has been known to make his presence known on a few occasions too! 

Week sixteen – this was the first May bank holiday weekend and we celebrated the 75th VE Day too, check out my previous post to see what we got up too.  

Week seventeen – this week was Seths final jabs, he cried during the injections but soon settled back down and I never saw any fever nor irritations with him afterwards – and so that is that until he turns a year old.  It was also a very successful vet day this week and I hold myself accountable as I was there for the visit in person bringing all the good luck charms!

Much love

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