Seths Five Month Update

Month five has flown by but it’s certainly been a trying month, not just with Seth but both his brothers too. I’m thinking the extended lockdown that we are in due to Coronavirus is wearing thin with all the family and we’re all definitely ready for a little bit of normality. Seth seems irritable in himself and easily gets frustrated with everything and anything this month. I think this is due to him not being able to move yet but wanting to try never the less. I also wanted to note that this has all had an affect on me, I know I’m not depressed I’m just exhausted but this is the reality of being a parent.

We have decided it is time to start solids next month, starting with baby rice and porridge so Seth can get used to something other than liquid and using a spoon in his mouth.  Seth now only gets one bottle of formula a day (last thing at night).  Throughout the day he continues to be breastfed every 3 hours.  We plan to start vegetables and fruit this month so I shall let you know how we get on.

This month Seth is mastering skills such as sitting for short periods without support, it’s the really early stages of sitting so we will keep practising. Whenever I put him down now, he gets very upset and squeals, so stranger anxiety may be starting. He blows lots of bubbles and two teeth have appeared (I also think I can feel two more under the surface).  He shows great interest in people who act differently and will stare at the funny faces people pull at him, giving lots of smiles back and he loves nothing more than a tickle.  He doesn’t ever want to lie down anymore he is forever pulling himself to an upward position, either rolling or trying to arch forward to sit.  He comfortably rolls from his tummy to back and he has started trying to move when on his tummy.

Week seventeen – this week was the second bank holiday in May and we were picking up grass that Monday, but Gavin took the rest of the week off to work on the garden.  We got so much done in the garden and we’re just waiting for the weather to be a little better to put the seed in, we also decided to start a veg patch for 2021. 

Week eighteen – this was the week we started using reusables nappies and wipes with Seth and we’re not going to be looking back – we LOVE them!  I’ll do a blog post soon about our zero waste lifestyle changes.  

Week nineteen – this week was a really quiet week for us and not much out the norm happened.  We did our normal daily walks and playing in the garden when the weather was ok – lockdown is starting to become the new norm in this household!  

Week twenty – this was the week I started getting some local produce delivered to the house, I should have started at the beginning of lockdown but I’ve made the change now and that’s for the better.  Each week we have a milk delivery with yoghurts and porridge oats and then another delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables each week.  I’ve just recently found an online delivery service of refillable dry goods which I’m excited to try too.  

Seth has most certainly had a growth spurt in the last month, I want him to slow down so I can enjoy him more!  He keeps hitting those milestones and proving how he wants to grow up just like his big brothers!

Much love

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