Hamish’s Second Birthday

For Hamishs second birthday I had visions of going to diggerland (as he’s the only summer baby and the attraction isn’t open during winter months), enjoying a homemade cake and maybe even a meal out as a family.  Unfortunately due to lockdown we haven’t been able to celebrate like this, but I have heard since that diggerland would be better once the children are a little older.

For the lead up to Hamishs birthday it was a week of cake making, wrapping presents and  blowing up a balloon garland.  His actual birthday fell on a Friday, so Gavin took the day off and we decided on going for a walk around our local river.  The weather was dismal and we ended up soaked through but little legs and Tobias managed to walk the whole way!   We finished the walk with fish and chips each but because of the weather we took it to my mothers house so we could see her.  Then we ventured home to see Gavin’s side of the family and accept presents with them.  That evening we waited for Gavin so that we could have tea all together and enjoy the birthday cake and blowing out the candles.  It was then a speedy bedtime for all the boys.  On the Monday, Gavin’s sister came round to see us and to gave Hamish his birthday present.A57CB2DB-4F7F-49B9-902C-06D7264859DE 

It wasn’t until the weekend after when restaurants reopened and we decided to venture out to experience a meal at pizza express with the new legislation in place. 
On arrival we were shown to our table it was explained we had to view menus on our phones and we would be expected to pay via online as well.
  Someone came over to take our order and they too were using their personal phones for this.  The table had an extra table, un-laid, for drinks, food and empty plates to be put so social distancing could take place at all times.  The meal out wasn’t too dissimilar to pre lockdown and we felt safe and looked after thankfully whilst we were there.  The food was no different, in fact because of social distancing we didn’t feel mothered (like you do sometimes with all the questions of if your ok).  It’s given me a little more confidence to start venturing into society a little more – I do mean only LITTLE though!

Hamish had a fab birthday and now we are starting to get back to normal hopefully, nursery starts again soon for both the older boys and we have a few play dates of meeting up with friends too!   

Much love

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