Seths Six Month Update

DBA95764-8636-4148-9509-574129823E2EIts strange to think that this time last year we had just announced that I was pregnant, now we have three sons and the youngest is already half a year old! Seth now has two teeth that haven’t popped up in the ‘correct’ order, but hey ho! Seth has mastered sitting by himself this month, sometimes with a wobble! He prefers to be in an upright position and likes to arch his back when you hold his arms so that you can pull him up to stand. He also has started shuffling backwards when lying on his front, so crawling is coming my way shortly!

We are fully on board with weaning now. I do feel like he has gone through a growth spurt as he seems to have doubled in length over night and this usually means there’s a new skill coming shortly. He turns towards sounds and voices, he knows his own name and he likes nothing more than to jabber away to himself. One thing that does surprise me is he knows it’s him in the reflection of a mirror and not another baby. He continues to blow bubbles at everybody and he confidently rolls in both directions much to my dismay. He reaches out for people when he wants to be picked up. Finally, he drags items closer to him when he is doing tummy time and loves nothing more than to bang his toys and make as much noise as possible.

Week twenty one – I went to the garden centre at the weekend, finally places were starting to open and lockdown was easing. The fear of coronavirus was still very much in the air, but I took the trip out as early as possible to avoid the queues, picked up what I needed and left again. It was also Father’s Day this week, we didn’t do much in the sense of celebrating apart from giving Gavin his handmade cards and presents. The rest of the day was spent enjoying a walk and playing in the garden.

Week twenty two – I started doing an online course of Pilates at home, I love Pilates and especially, Rachel, the teacher, it’s helped build my core back up after giving birth and it helps with all my aches and pains from daily life. This was also the week that we had a trip to my mums house for the first time since 12th March. It was a very emotional first meet up, understandably. You can video call someone ten times a day, but it’s not the same as actually seeing someone.

Week twenty three – this was Hamishs birthday and we made the most of what we could. Theme parks weren’t open yet as we had initially planned, but we went for a walk and enjoyed fish and chips on his actual day.

Week twenty four – this week restaurants reopened so we ventured out to pizza express, to enjoy a late birthday treat for Hamish. I was very apprehensive but all the boys behaved impeccably and made it a great visit out.

Week twenty five – this week we went to our friends house for a BBQ, it was a lovely few hours spent catching up and made it feel like lockdown was near the end. I also went to the hair dressers this week too, finally! The ends of my hair were horrendous and the chop has made my hair look super healthy.

Seth hasn’t suffered the effects of going through the four month sleep regression at all, he continues to wake two times through the night. He’s also getting a bottle of 6oz formula milk as his last feed before bedtime. He also continues to breastfeed every three hours through the day.

Much love

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