Review of Changing Bag for Three Children


I’ve done a changing bag tour with every one of my children when they’ve been babies.  So I thought now 8m starting 5o venture out and about again (after lockdown) and starting to get into the rhythm of packing my changing bag I would do a review and a contents list.  This is based on three children who are three years old and under, therefore the bag contents include items for a baby at weaning state, a toddler (who is having off the scale tantrums now) and my three year old (who thinks he’s a teenager – three-anger)!  Disclaimer – the items do change depending on how long I’m going out for and what time of the day I’m going out.

During Seths pregnancy I really started to dislike my Pacapod as it was becoming increasingly heavy and I couldn’t fit as much as I wanted in, this caused me concern with having three children so I went on the hunt for a new bag.  One of my mummy friends recommended an inexpensive bag (I mean crazy pricing of £20) from amazon and nice I started to look around all parents seemed to have this bag!  That was a sign to me, so I purchased one.  I still use the removable pods from my Pacapod but this bag from Land is like Mary pippin bag – a bottomless pit!   There’s pockets all around the outside of the bag for easy access of my own personal items.  There’s two side openers that can hold my wipes pack and changing mat and then inside there’s also sections to put toys, muslins, first aid items etc.  The front main pocket is insulated to keep milk or food at the right temperature.  I’m in love with it and it’s been one of the best (and cheapest) investments I have made.  

This is the contents of the bag:

Car keys 
Hand sanitiser 
Contact lenses 
Deodorant & perfume 
Nipple cream (randomly) 
Changing mat 
NappieS – reuseable for Seth & disposables for Hamish  
Nappy bag (for dirty Seth nappies)
Baby wipes 
Nappy cream 
Small toys 
Head phones
Mask (compulsory at the moment)!
Reusable straws 
Reusable bag 

E1328AB0-EC93-49CE-80EA-FA0C85CE1DA3That’s the standard bag,  if m going to my mums I don’t need wipes or nappies as she has them at her house.  If I’m going on a longer trip out  I will also include:

Reusable bibs for meals
Snacks or a Picnic including – fruit, yoghurt or jelly and a spoon, sandwich, cheese, biscuits, raisins 
Drinks bottles for all the boys
Summer Hats & Suncream for summer Weather
Raincoats for Spring/Autumn
Hats, gloves, coats etc for winter Weather 

I now have a bag in the car at all times with a change of clothes for each child and check it on a regular basis if needing to change it etc.  So there we have it, the bag has everything I need and there’s still space left for other items. Thankfully toddlers and young children don’t require as much stuff as babies. 

Much love

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  1. We use the same bag. It was great when our now toddler was a baby. So much space for everything. Now we have more space we carry our own items as well like laptops 🙂 great review


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