Seths Seven Month Update

Seths seventh month has been a busier month, we’ve finally been allowed out and we’re able to meet up with friends again.  Seth and I are finally having space from each other, as I’m able to go out, to workout (It’ll do us both the world of good)!  Unfortunately, Seth is still suffering from colic, not for as long but he certainly is a mess from 5pm until bedtime.  Coincidentally, he has dropped one of his daytime naps as well which will be adding to this.  Finally the big news is we (Seth) now has 3 teeth, two on the bottom row and one up above, he hasn’t bitten me yet during feeding times but I’m wincing at the thought!

With regards to milestones he’s babbling away to himself quite happily and contentedly.  He’s becoming more interested in the little details like how a wheel goes round or how different materials make sounds, especially by banging things together.  He’s a sturdy sitter and has started to crawl backwards.  

Week twenty six – we met up with one of my mummy friends for the first time, we visited valley gardens in Harrogate and it was NORMAL, it felt like a breath of fresh air being able to do something again.  I also had my first nail appointment and all of us had a hairdressers appointment this week, Gavin included.   

Week twenty seven – this week working out became my priority, it was announced that gyms could reopen etc so I booked all my sessions in immediately with ((bounce)) and my  PT to get started again!

Week twenty eight – we met with Jen and her family, I met her through Instagram, and it was like meeting a real life celebrity for me!  This was also the week I was able to finally get my eyebrows done, it was much needed! 

Week twenty nine – this week we met with my grandma for lunch, we only normally do this for Christmas but due to the crazy year, we were invited down for a family meal and it was lovely to be spoilt rotten by her and my aunt.  I also visited Studfold Fairy Adventure Trail near Middlesmoor with my friend and her three children.  It was the craziest weather and we certainly got soaked to the core but it was a fabulous trip out and I would highly recommend a visit.  

Week thirty – i met with one of my mummy friends this week, it was after a nursery morning and Tobias was a little bit of a mess, which was very embarrassing but I put it down to him being tired as he fell asleep the whole car journey home, thankfully she’s an ace friend and wasn’t phased by it at all.  That weekend we went to buy new shoes for the boys as they were desperately needing upgrades, the experience at Clarks was really good and safety was paramount.  Finally Gavin and I, went to visit the first school on our list for Tobias to start next year – very daunting!

It’s really true that all babies are different and although Ive encouraged all my boys, they have achieved different milestones at different times.  You’d think by number three I’d know how to care for a baby, I don’t.  I still feel like I’m learning Seths ways.  I might know how to change a nappy and help him feed but his personality dictates how he likes me doing these activities best for him.  Seth is growing at his own pace and in his own time and I’m very privileged to be able to watch him succeed.

Much love

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