House Update 2020

B4BAC1ED-A815-4876-AD41-D92B0779E82DLast year, I shared our house plan with you for 2020, it was a list of jobs that needed to be completed around the house.  The challenge I set for myself and Gavin was a big one as we were due Seth in the early part of the year and I knew not much would get done whilst we had a baby around the house.  This has proven true, more so as Seth is a very clingy baby.  We have got some jobs done though and I thought I would do a little update on those completed, the jobs that should have been done and what the plans are for the next year.  

The electric meter in the kitchen has been boxed in with a cupboard door for access.  The beams, the ceiling and the whole kitchen still need to be painted and I’m planning on hiring someone in as we both hate this job and don’t do a neat job, either!  My dad installed a piece of wood for the step into the kitchen to make it more kiddie-friendly and he rehung the door as well.

The main bedroom (Our bedroom) has had shelving and rails installed in the two side cupboards so we both have functioning wardrobes now.  I also have purchased an extra long set of drawers for under the slopes roof in the bedroom – it currently has all of Seths clothes in it, but eventually it will house Gavin and I’s clothes.  But I’m still to purchase a matching dressing table and chair and some seating for the end of the bed.

8B95A3DE-0C65-4458-9915-3C9BAE566D44I did aim to have the hallway and staircases completed by the end of 2019.  It was all booked in for this summer to be done but due to coronavirus the plasterer is delayed. The second staircase needs to be made to match the first, plastered and painted.  In fact again, the whole area could do with a freshen up of paint.  So this looks like next years job. The stair case at the bottom of the first set of steps still squeaks and seems to go down when you step on a certain part so this needs solving – a job for Gavin.  The wood beam on the second floor needs treating.  I’ve got all the pictures framed and ready to hang once the walls are completed. 

Hamish will be moving into Tobias’ room soon, so the layout in their room is due to change and therefore I won’t be purchasing the Kallax furniture for all their toys anymore.  Instead I just want a chair in their room for story time and a proper bookcase.  They do need some curtains in that room that match with the colour theme – I could get on with that now!  Finally, they both need drawers and hanging rails.

The garden was/is our main project this year.  Due to being home all the time we took this opportunity to pull up our lawn with a digger.  Rebuild the outer wall and put up a new wall around the patio area.  Purchase a BBQ and seating area for on the patio.  Get rid of the dead trees from the orchard and cordon off an area for a new vegetable patch.  By the end of this year, I would like to have reseeded the grass and put the the vegetable beds so we can do some planting next year! I also, got my laundry room back – this was very much appreciated when we started using reusable nappies.  

So overall, we didn’t complete the full list of what we wanted to do this year but other jobs have taken preference due to Coronavirus.  Hopefully next year will be filled with lots of new and exciting developments around our home!  Im leaving the bathroom and living room for a few years yet, mind!

Much love

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